Season 31: Mid Playoffs


Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Pahan (ucraine хуле)



2 - 3 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Serbia Garda Panteri vs Russia ucraine хуле
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Garda Panteri (6) beHqo, Shpeeisme, Spanns, milkyeu, Manky, Derpy Hooves
ucraine хуле (6) Pahan, pluxa, Пауль, kio, fnzkie, One-Two
Unrostered (1) prm



  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Season 31 Mid Quarter Finals!

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    Garda Panteri picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed Garda Panteri can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if ucraine хуле have to.

    Good luck for both teams!

  2. Magistr: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    lerec it’s yours

  3. shock said:

    за такую дату пахану респект и уважуха от местных ?

  4. Pahan: xd - kiti said:

    1:20 – oralcumshot: We ban process
    1:24 – MaMKyuoTbl}l{ap: Ban snake
    1:24 – oralcumshot: pick gully
    1:24 – MaMKyuoTbl}l{ap: Pick product
    1:26 – oralcumshot: Pick sunshike
    1:27 – oralcumshot: Gully product sunshine

  5. Pahan: xd - kiti said:

    22:07 – MaMKyuoTbl}l{ap: hey can we use him tonight ?
    22:08 – oralcumshot: he good

  6. Manky: .yu - 322 said:

    gg, requesting demos of FNZKIE and utka

  7. One-Two: ✓✓✓ said:

  8. fnzkie: inv said:

    oh no :(

  9. One-Two: ✓✓✓ said:

  10. One-Two: ✓✓✓ said:

    what wrong with this game

  11. Pahan: xd - kiti said:

    albert: план путина прёт
    albert: Manky: REMOVE said:

    Today, 232

    gg, requesting demos of FNZKIE and utka
    план путина прёт: с тебя минет за медальку
    albert: На москоулане

  12. narkkari: traphouse - VR said:

    пиндосы сосать

  13. Pahan: xd - kiti said:

  14. croix: traphouse said:

    да ебал я рот того пидораса

  15. Magistr: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    ох нихуя пахан ну тут респект

  16. shock said:

    Magistr: Phoenix S. said:
    Tue 13 Nov 2018, 09:38

    lerec it’s yours

    Magistr: Phoenix S. said:
    Today, 05:26

    ох нихуя пахан ну тут респект

    самый быстрый обсёр на диком миду

  17. Shpeeisme said:

    gg <3

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