Nations Cup: Playoff Phase

Quarter Final

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by skinnie (Belgium)



5 - 2

[Screenshots: N\A ]



7 - 6

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2 - 4

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Belgium Belgium vs Norway Norway
2 - 1



  1. complx-: Kvakkistansen said:

    Match turned out draw.

    Belgium won Granary 5-3(?)
    Turbine was draw 6-6
    Norway won Badlands 4-2

    A golden cap game will be played later (most likley wednesday)

  2. skinnie: TCM said:

    granary was 5-2

    screens & demos coming

  3. MrFrAg said:

    It’s incredible,but true. This match is finished as a draw, good game guys. Now you have to play a golden cap match,on ctf_turbine.
    Post here status and final screenshoots when you had played the match.

  4. MrFrAg said:

    the golden cap map,ctf_turbine, will be played with:
    mp_timelimit 0
    mp_winlimit 1
    and the normal config and class restriction of the NC.
    This means that the first team which capture an enemy intelligence will win. NO time limits, means we could see a match of 10 minutes,30 minutes or 1-2 hours. this will be an amazing match!

  5. Haunter said:

    id say suden death if it goes over 1hour :)

  6. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    After 3 hours it’s fine ;) ;)

    Is there any new date for the Golden Cap already? If so please notify us with a comment in here.

  7. gaarulf: UP| said:

    Two very good teams, amazing match.

    Go Onlock!

  8. complx-: Kvakkistansen said:

    We will play it today i think.. i couldnt do it today… but things changed… and i can.. so i hope we can get it played today!

  9. Macisum: YOYO\' - syster said:

    Damn tight match, hope norway will take it home :D

  10. skinnie: TCM said:

    belgium won 9-7

  11. DeathWeaVer said:

    gg Belgium :)

  12. MrFrAg said:


  13. ONlock: YOYO\' said:

    yup gg, and gl Belgium.

  14. Herr Braffle: broder - syster said:

    loved these games, gg belgium and good luck

  15. skinnie: TCM said:

    thx :)
    could have gone either way tbh


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