Highlander Season 15


Week 1

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff



2 - 1 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]



2 - 1 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B C ]

International After Deadline vs Seychelles Massive Legends Here
4 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A B C D


Massive Legends Here (9) kim, The Tanning Bed, pud., Zengo, Starach, Xav, Kouceila, Josh, bunnies
After Deadline (7) Princess Kitty, ShaddowDude, T1k., WE1RD0, scoot, Slappy, Executer
Unrostered (3) AamuKalja, D-Kay, Tupolev


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 22 March 2018, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Josh said:

    can we schedule this for a weekend?

  3. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    12:23 AM – Exe: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/122007/
    12:23 AM – Exe: there ya go
    12:23 AM – Exe: is he okay?
    12:34 AM – 149215275: yeah
    12:34 AM – 149215275: fine
    12:34 AM – 149215275: we allow you to use your merc

  4. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    12:32 AM – 149215275: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/103696/
    12:32 AM – 149215275: this is our merc
    12:32 AM – 149215275: hes on our team
    12:32 AM – 149215275: just not registerred
    12:31 AM – Exe: is this the only merc?
    12:32 AM – 149215275: yeah
    12:35 AM – 149215275: can you allow our merc
    12:34 AM – Exe: yea, he is fine
    12:36 AM – 149215275: cheers

    our default merc (After Deadline): http://etf2l.org/forum/user/125435/

  5. Josh said:

    149215275: can you allow our merc http://etf2l.org/forum/user/103696/
    Exe: yea, he is fine
    149215275: cheers

  6. Josh said:

    shall we play the actual game thursday? not even the official and haven’t even uploaded accurate screenshots from scrim

  7. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    lel, just because you guys lost. Nice one ^^. I have proof of all the chatlogs bro and I’ve informed Admin about all of this.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

  8. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    is just funny how you are trying so hard for it while you youreself posted in the match page

    stay woke: PORG said:

    Yesterday, 21:39

    149215275: can you allow our merc http://etf2l.org/forum/user/103696/
    Exe: yea, he is fine
    149215275: cheers

  9. Josh said:

    do you know people ask if they can have mercs before the official??

  10. Josh said:

    Also the scores aren’t even right either if you want to take the actual scores, 2-1 us, 2-1 you. Upload actual screenshots or redo??

  11. Polarium said:

    in open more tryhard than prem after lost match :omegalul:

  12. Josh said:

    cheated out on officials is pretty yikes

  13. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    Cheated.. Pfft. And yea exactly people do ask for mercs before official is what we did and hence is why you and i posted right before official ^^ all logs are there for anyone to see and i didnt do the scores, admins did. They are perfectly fine ^^ learn to etf2l bro

  14. Josh said:

    They aren’t scores from an official. you’ve reported incorrect scores and posted invalid screenshots.

  15. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    lel, you could spend time practicing on the future games instead of wasting on trying to redo/defaul this game which aint happening.

  16. Josh said:

    I don’t appreciate teams trying to get free wins and posting fake scores and invalid screenshots.

  17. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    12:35 AM – 149215275: can you allow our merc
    12:35 AM – Exe: yea, he is fine
    12:36 AM – 149215275: cheers
    2:04 AM – Exe: where are the logs?
    2:06 AM – 149215275: don’t have
    2:05 AM – Exe: why not?
    2:06 AM – 149215275: why would we
    2:06 AM – 149215275: :)
    2:05 AM – Exe: what server was it?
    2:06 AM – 149215275: no idea
    2:05 AM – Exe: because its needed
    2:20 AM – 149215275: what don’t you have?
    2:20 AM – 149215275: status?
    2:20 AM – 149215275: scoreboard?
    2:19 AM – Exe: you can upload your screenshots too
    2:23 AM – 149215275: nah you should upload everything:P
    2:23 AM – 149215275: I assume you dont have the stuff lmao
    2:24 AM – 149215275: also your snipers actual division?
    2:23 AM – Exe: we do
    2:23 AM – Exe: scores are already reported

  18. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    this clearly explains what you were trying to do :p and well that you yourself asked for status and scoreboard.. explaining that it was an official ^^

  19. Executer: exe.tf - ˙❤‿❤˙ said:

    How fake can you be Josh. I have the rest of the chat log too and I wouldnt mind shoving you with it too. Admins have reviewed it clearly and I have shown them our chat, he did the scores himself. Every screenshot is provided and all the logs are there to check as well ^^

    Seriously stop wasting your time and energy on this and prepare for the next game if you actually wanna win :p

  20. Josh said:

    That information is legit irellevant. https://imgur.com/a/VpmB7 Your players are playing scrims but you are playing officials?? I didn’t ask for status and scoreboard, there was no need for them. Your chat logs are pointless and you clearly don’t have the correct status and scoreboard posts.

  21. ETF2L Staff said:

    Dear teams,

    After reviewing all the evidence we concluded the results of this match will stand as they are. The game will not be replayed. However we do advice both teams to play official matches on the scheduled date to avoid further conflicts.

    For any questions please visit http://etf2l.org/support/

  22. Josh said:

    ridiculous lmao.

  23. Sketis said:

    stfu “stay woke” ty , u remind me of this guy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SIwo0nluVI

  24. fault: CA$H said:

    etf2l SUCKK

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