Highlander Season 14: High Playoffs


Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by AlesKee (MONKEY MODE)



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



1 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]

Brazil MONKEY MODE vs European Team Colonslash: Express
6 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A


MONKEY MODE (9) robin, Adje, Sodium, Lightclaw, Perlex, AlesKee, FallenLord, Murpheey, GardenFungus
Team Colonslash: Express (9) Vinni, .zero, Kuferl, Bennyboy, Mora, Spyro, Useless, Simba, CazaroC



  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to Highlander Season 14 High Semi Finals

    This match will be played as a best-of-three, all stopwatch maps will be played as best-of-three as usual.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    Fidget Spinning Turkish Midgets picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed Fidget Spinning Turkish Midgets can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if Team Colonslash: Express have to.

    If you have any questions make sure to contact the admins as soon as possible.

    Good luck for both teams!

  2. .zero: -chess- said:

    .zero: ban coalplant
    AlesKee: ban gully
    AlesKee: pick bwater
    .zero: pick process
    AlesKee: upward decider

  3. robin said:

    e n d

  4. mezzo: SDCK! said:


  5. Kuferl: (TF2Pickup.net Unicorn) said:


  6. Kuferl: (TF2Pickup.net Unicorn) said:

    medic pov with delay

  7. Lightclaw said:


  8. Kuferl: (TF2Pickup.net Unicorn) said:

    if my obs wouldnt keep crashing :v

  9. CazaroC: :) said:

    sniper pov plzzzzzz :^)

  10. CazaroC: :) said:

    GG and gl

  11. Adje: T6 said:



  12. robin said:

    sniper pov plzzzzzz :^)

  13. robin said:

    GG and gl

  14. Useless: TC.Noobas said:

    Good game, good luck in the final :D

  15. Useless: TC.Noobas said:

    “CazaroC: OWNED – TC.Express said:
    Yesterday, 23:03

    sniper pov plzzzzzz :^)

    Requesting FallenLord’s POV

  16. Aleskee: MM22 said:

    Ace: Rakuzan – dab said:
    Yesterday, 23:12

    sniper pov plzzzzzz :^)

  17. Aleskee: MM22 said:

    (caza pov)

  18. CazaroC: :) said:

    done ladies

  19. Included_Middle: Ho-oh - :) said:

    Map 2 (cp_process_final): First Person by FallenLord (420 Downloads)


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