Highlander Season 13: Premiership Tier


Grand Final

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Clark (Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!)



3 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 2 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B C D ]



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B C ]

European Strong Opinions vs Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!
4 - 5

SteamID Screenshots: A


Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! (9) Burn, Clark, JackyLegs, Mayh, SandBurn, Ze Man, Spreijer, sp, daddy
Strong Opinions (9) Funs, bo4r, EmilioEstevez, sek, Toast, Seal, Synrise, adysky, Raptor



  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Hello teams, and welcome to the Grand Finals.

    To pick the maps, we’re using Map Elimination [Explanation]. Please post your maps on this page at least a day in advance of the match for good measure.
    Since season 13 has 6 maps, you will have one elimination round.


  2. The higher seed decides if they wish to be Team A or Team B
    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks a map
    Team A picks a map
    The higher seeded team picks the decider map from the remaining two
  3. Strong Opinions are the higher seed

    Keep in mind that payload is still played in a best of three (BO3) format.

    If you have any questions make sure to contact the admins as soon as possible.

    Good luck and have fun to both teams.

  4. Janek: MF said:

    ide po piwerko i ogladamy!!!

  5. El chippo: BCBB said:

    Sdck are about to lose harder than i do :)

  6. CeeJaey: (The MvM Guy) - Ho-oh - S-O said:

    23:53 – SDCK Clark: we ban product
    23:53 – CeeJaey: ban steek
    23:53 – CeeJaey: stee
    23:53 – CeeJaey: l
    23:53 – CeeJaey: pick gully
    23:53 – SDCK Clark: pick upward
    23:54 – CeeJaey: badwater decider

  7. Wiethoofd: (Newswriter) - LvG said:

    Match will be casted by chando & Buck on KritzKast with Wiethoofd on production.

  8. SandBurn: nN said:

    After this game we have FREEDOM forever!

  9. ducky: ..d1ck said:


  10. Edyski: NYS said:


  11. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    vart fan e carlos

  12. samii: Shrexy - ONCE said:


  13. Cloverleaf: Yu-Gi-Oh! said:

    Semi-final in High and Grand final Prem. No problem, I got 2 screens

  14. spddl! said:

    Go Go Papa Carlos!

  15. spddl! said:

    Go Go Papi Carlos!

  16. barcaphilip said:


  17. Broly: SCOOPER - MUUMIT said:

    ez for sek

  18. Burn said:


  19. Clark: SHRIGMA - SDCK! said:

    Good game, guys!

  20. Clark: SHRIGMA - SDCK! said:

    http://logs.tf/1831456 – fixed combined logs, 1 round of upward was missing in the first version

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