Season 3

Division 4c

Week 9

Date Scheduled:
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by b0nes (clanda)



2 - 5

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0 - 0

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UnitedKingdom clanda vs Russia chaotic community | silver
1 - 4


  1. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    i contacted finnkroll from CC on the weekend, and said we could play mon/tue/thursday and the guy said he would get back to me and ive not herd anything since. We can no longer do thursday and certainly cant do sunday. But can now do wed/thur/sat next week but I need to be contacted by them and told which.

  2. finnkroll: lel` - Ki11ERS.PRO said:

    I’m really sorry about that, my bad. We still can play wed, my mate will contact you this sunday.

  3. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Please have in mind official Deadline for all Matches is Sunday, 2nd November.

  4. elka: [LOL] said:

    when we played 1-st map, because of technical problems, we lost one player and playing 5 players.
    On 2-nd map we try decide our problem. Our opponens was very nervous about it. After they press “Ready”, they didn’t wait 20 minutes and get out the server. They claimed a Default Win. We don’t agree with their decision. we have demo, on whitch you can see all time spaces.

  5. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    If you want to talk about this, come to me.

  6. elka: [LOL] said:

    demo –
    opponents get out the server on 17-th minute
    we offer play again 2-nd map

  7. RufuS: Rupture said:

    my team dont agree with this result! with whom i can speak about this game? answer me pls.

  8. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Rufus, i said 2 posts above yours, and i will say it again, if you want to talk about this, come to me. Come find me on IRC, or steam friends if you feel the need (deneusbeer).

  9. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Some hard situation on the 2nd map, but anyway, thats how we deal with it:

    According to Rule 1.6.5 a delay of 20 minutes is allowed and has to be accepted by the opponent (even if both teams thought it were just 15 minutes, like server logs shown). As clanda left the server after 17 minutes, this is a Default Win on freight for c2.

  10. Wux: -9m- - -9m- said:

    What a joke. They had 4 people on the server when we left and were making no effort to find any more players.

  11. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    It’s just very unlucky you left the serv 4 minutes too early, as they have 20 minutes to fix their team. As I mentioned before it’s a crap situation, but guess the clearest way is staying with our Rules on this case.

  12. BeeDee: [DA] said:

    They were not getting a team. They could not get a team. They had no intention of getting a team.

    We gave them chance after chance to get it sorted – 30 minutes in total. Not 17. To award the default ot them on a technicality is a farce. As an ex league head, I can say this is a decision that has been made incorrectly, epecially since there was a league title involved. Incorrect decision here, poor show.

  13. Wux: -9m- - -9m- said:

    Sticking with your rules? You mean the rule that says “If a team fails to have a complete team ready on the server 20 minutes [b]after match was supposed to start[/b]“? The match was [b]supposed to start[/b] an hour before we left.

    Just to recap, the team with 4 players on the server has been given a default win because the team with 6 people got bored waiting and not being given any sort of time scale or expalination.

  14. Chubbsterinho said:

    Yes i am a member of the team affect by the “decision” which has lead to C2 getting a default win and therefore the title. So i may seem a little bias.

    To award a default to C2 in this situation is farce. I’m extremely surprised by the course of action, especially when the title was in the balance and not to mention that you’re spoiling the end of DA’s season as well.

    Is there any proof that C2 were actually trying to sort their team out? They should have informed DA in game of their actions and if i were in their place i would expect to be kept informed, especially since they had been on the server for what appears to have been a long time.

    If C2 won a rearranged game fine, they earned the title, but letting it finish like this i feel casts ETF2L and C2 in a bad light. Rather than bitterly complaining, rearranging a rematch would of been more sportsman like, but some ppl don’t care how they win as long as they do, which is a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with losing, it happens, but when it does you would like it to be for the right reasons.

    Its a shame as this was my first season playing in ETF2L and it has been an enjoyable experience, although now it feels slightly tainted.

    I hope i havent affended anyone (to badly anyway), i just felt the need to express my opinion.



  15. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    this is the rule
    1.6.5 Delay of 20 minutes is allowed

    A delay of 20 minutes is allowed for any circumstances. If a team fails to have a complete team ready on the server 20 minutes after match was supposed to start, the other team has the possibility to claim a Default Win.

    This wasnt at the start of the match, it was between maps, so how is this rule even relevant? It seems to me your awarding c2 the league title for only turning up with 4 players, is that right????! No its bull.

  16. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    Also daykiller why have you just reversed the result without coming to speak with me? I am afterall the affected cl here.

  17. The Insane Exfane: EPA - TWIN said:

    Not only this decision is really weird, a couple of weeks ago when FB2 had to fight C2 the same weird decision was made. C2 played one map on our server, then they wanted to switch servers (ofc theyre right), but still after 45 minutes they decided they didnt wanna play on their own server and not on the leagueserver. Now i see in the rules stated by bones we can claim a default, while daykiller said we couldnt :/ (one of us will contact you!).

    Ps. bones dont expect day to come to you (deja vu), better go to him

  18. finnkroll: lel` - Ki11ERS.PRO said:

    Unlike [DA], we insisted on rematch cp_freight, but [DA] cl says that they would not rematch. And I do not understand, about what “finish like this i feel casts ETF2L and C2 in a bad light” there can be a speech? Some of our players have bad internet, and it is obvious, that we have some problems with connection and during a game, just remember our pings on your servers. But [DA] instead of waiting 20 minutes and playing, has simply decided to put us DL. Sportsman like? Really.

    To The Insane Exfane:
    Yes, we wanted to switch server on ours, which is located in Moscow, but your guys said, that “Moscow not in the Europe”(lol?), and they will not play on it. Thats why we began to search for neutral. Also, we never dared to offend our contenders, however it was afforded by players of [DA] and FB2.

    wbw, finnkroll.

  19. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    Its not my fault your team is unorganised. why should we suffer for it?

  20. Extremer said:

    finn, only 1 person from your team had a 100+ ping in our server (which was a scout if I remember correctly, so almost no downside), while 3 (or so) of us had a 100+ in your one. We asked an admin for a neutral german server, but all of you had very high pings, then we insisted that we play it on ours and you still disagreed. 45 minutes later we started playing on some swedish (afaik) server where both teams were lagging.

  21. byte said:

    wuuuuuuux <3

  22. Chubbsterinho said:

    Finn, i must have misread the part about you wanting to play the map again, so apologies for that. But the “bad light” statement i feel was valid at the time, now that the admins are discussing the matter it appears that this will get the attention it merits. This therefore makes my previous comment about the “bad light” unture, but at the time Daykiller made it sound like the decision was final and that was why i made the comment.

    Anyway, we’ve got highlander tonight against some of C2 tonight, so hopefully it will be a fun match! :)

  23. Bury said:

    To get back on track.
    What i’ve seen here is numerous days to clear up what would appear to be a pretty easy to gauge situation and resolved in common sense, instead we (DA) get some bogus result favouring a clan who had 4 people on a server 16 minutes after waiting, what in the ass is wrong with leaving? defining it as 20 minutes may seem reasonable to look at, but its a stupidly long time to wait while not doing anything, be a sport and use your head instead of going DURRR I DUNNO BUT LOOK AT DIS RULE LOooOL.

    I didn’t play the game and I always look at these things with an open mind, who exactly is daykiller and why does he appear to be allowed to make decisions like this with such a redicilous outcome.

    One of your admins came into our irc channel and clearly supported us and reassured we would be in the right light here. This leads me to believe the etf2l admin team are not well structured at all and communication skills are poor, which is a shame and dangerous situation looking at the number of clans and games you have in your league, beware and solve that out immediatly.

    This type of resolution makes no sense, and it’s a poor show to ETF2L and c2, even if you do decide to reverse your decision again to favour us, it will make you look even weaker and idiotic than this currently is.

    c2’s replies i cannot understand due to failed english, so i cant agree with anything you’ve replied with

    Bad game and not well played by ETF2L admins.

  24. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    A draw is the admin result on the 2nd map, not right but I can compromise.

  25. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    Usually if team can`t play match – it told to its opponent about this. This time – you (DA) was told. That they (c2) are solving problem with 6th player. I can`t see here anything but someone`s pain in the ass.

    as dAy says: it is crap situation.

    Wux: you should watch your language more carefully.

  26. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    The map should be replayed in my eyes, giving a default win to [DA] would be incorrect as they left before the 20 minutes was reached and giving a default to c2 over that is pretty unfair on [DA]. I really can’t see why you couldn’t reschedual the map, it’s not hard and if in the first place you came to an admin and asked we would have cleared it (and had discussed this in our pv room all day today).

    Infact bury, I’d go so far to say that a draw on this map flatters [DA], after all c2 gave you a bit of a thumping on freight and if you had lost you’d still be in a relegation fight.

    The admin team is very well structured and has very good communication, however trying to find the fairest result in a situation like this, especially with the “kind” :P, words from b0nes is quite a difficult situation.

    I now have [DA] down in a little list of teams that will not be happy unless its 100% there way, which is a little bit of a shame considering I’ve known of you for what? 10 years and for the majority of that you’ve been an upstanding team…Shame :(

  27. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    I meant a hammering on badlands btw :)

  28. mihalch: [LOL] - [LOL] said:

    as usual.. Wlv got mine 100 points.

  29. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    right here goes wlv,
    firstly ‘they left before the 20 minutes was reached’
    what 20 min rule? the rule only talks about the start of the match, not map, if you allow clans 20 mins per map then first state it in the rules, and then ask yourself if 1h40 is a fine time to wait for a 1hr match.

    ‘if in the first place you came to an admin and asked’ I came to see an admin straight after the game, when we had left the server, to say what had happened and he advised me we was in the right, i sugest u take that up with DeNeusbeer.

    ‘The admin team is very well structured and has very good communication’ thats why this result and verdict has been changed 3 times today hey.

    ‘I now have [DA] down in a little list of teams that will not be happy unless its 100% there way’ seriously what? you come in with ya ten pence worth after its all done and u show u dont even know what the situation was to start with, your little list hey, shit me I didnt relise tranna sort a shit situation out where ive ben told different thing after different thing makes me in the wrong. go to hell wlv.

  30. b0nes: [DA] - [DA] said:

    we played all our games on time every week without issue all season, we are not a problem clan by any sence, but we wont sit back and take a shafting for no reason.

  31. BeeDee: [DA] said:

    “I now have [DA] down in a little list of teams that will not be happy unless its 100% there way”

    Oh dear Wlv……If I was your head of league I would be asking for your resignation, with a sacking if it was not forthcoming. The ability to be impartial is essential when it comes to being a league admin. We now know that any decision making that may happen in the future that you are involved in will be biased. This comment reflects that you lack the skill or attitude to be an admin of a league.

    It is with this in mind, that I call for you to step down.

    The 20 minutes had passed. The match had been started over an hour before. It is simple open an shut case, yet its been made out to be something it is not. What a shambles. rofl.

  32. BeeDee: [DA] said:

    And i would hardly call 5-2 a thumping.

  33. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    :) – I’m more than capable of making a decision that is not influenced by my opinion of a team, or its members. According to the server logs, it was 17 minutes and I am not the only one who has said this – infact Bury said it was 16 (read up a few posts).

    It has not been as simple as you have made it out to be, after all, [DA] has effectively broken the rules and on the flip side c2 could have done a few things differently. Throw that in with the relegation and promotion fights that both teams find themselves wrapped in, the decision isn’t as easy as “default here, default there”.

    What concerns me the most is that it doesn’t seem like either team could say, we’ve/you’ve had technical issues, lets play this map another night – c2 could have said this 5 mins in to waiting and [DA] could have as well.

    On a lighter note! :), as per usual, we will be reviewing large segments of the league during the close season and I’m sure the 20 minute rule will be one thats up for discussion, so please, if you have any suggestions do not hesitate in posting them on our forums.

  34. BeeDee: [DA] said:

    I would love to know how we have broken the rules. lol.

    We could go round and round in circles I guess. Will be interesting to read the rule change for next season.

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