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Week 7

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by fränk (Team 4 Friends)



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UnitedKingdom Digital Warfare vs Germany Team 4 Friends
0 - 6

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Digital Warfare (7) Rockz, Hiper, Hatefield, flakie, Ascend, thenoobsfriend, Blitz
Team 4 Friends (7) fränk, Kain, NKF, Bukhar, Blooddrunk, Samus, JB


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Sunday, 30 October 2016, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    gg Gazy :D :D :D

  3. Gazy said:

    20:00 – BICEPS wie Kate Moss: no mercs allowed for that game at all… thanks to gazy for that one

    Gazy: Why don’t you accept any mercs?
    BICEPS wie Kate Moss: because the rules permit it

    Amazing how it is always the germans who are actively defhunting

  4. oJ: CLARTED - YNWA. said:


  5. fränk: [HA] - #T4F said:

  6. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    dead team vs bad team

  7. fränk: [HA] - #T4F said:

  8. Gazy said:

    However, nice try at shifting the “villain” role over to me, too bad you lose yourself in your statements

    You insulted me first, and before that you stated that you don’t accept any mercs “because the rules permit it” (“weil es die Regeln erlauben”). You’re just a kid.

    Too bad for Memeup, however I guess that’s one free ticket to the 2nd round of the playoffs for whoever gets to play you

  9. fränk: [HA] - #T4F said:


  10. Hiper said:


  11. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    “herbsarmy scheiße” :D :D :D
    Thanks for the entertaining chatlogs and great job getting any mercs denied for the team you were supposed to fill in for.

  12. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    genau herbsarmy is an allem schuld :DDD

  13. Hiper said:

    I smell salt

  14. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    Gazkoyn is salty…no one else :P

  15. Gazy said:

    I’m not really salty, however, in your T4F/HA circlejerk, you can keep pretending I am. When a lot of uneducated people form a group and have the same opinion on a matter, it will be the only true opinion in the circles of that specific group, disregarding if it’s proven wrong or not.

    The only reason I mentioned HerbsArmy is because they follow the same shady tactics you do, I guess which makes sense since you seem to know each other, I mean you bent over in Week 1 of S24 so they could get 6 points with a defwin.I’m amazed you didn’t get shit for rigging the competition.Well anyway, Last season they we’re pretty mediocre in the beginning, dropping 6 points in the first three games, so being afraid of dropping another 6 so early in the season, which would have been devastating,they just didn’t accept any merc at all for my old team, so we had to play 5v6 and lost (obviously). The thing is that HA still had the audacity to give us 5 warnings for made up shit after the game.

    Now T4F, tell me again how you are not hunting for default wins. Apparently, you couldn’t reschedule so you insisted on playing today. However, in every other week of s25 you were available to play mid-week, mostly on thursday. You only insisted on playing today because meme^ had roster troubles. You still could have rescheduled, guess why? Tuesday is a holiday in germany, “Allerheiligen”.
    Now, it’s also funny how you said you don’t want to reschedule because you’d have to play with subs, and yet you played with a substitute today. So where was the problem? Oh, I see, it’s a prem sniper, so I guess that makes it completely fine.

    Honestly, the fact that fränk desperately tries to come up with excuses which contradict themselves and that you dumbasses keep trying to deny that you only wanted the defwin so you can reach playoffs is sickening and proves again how all-german teams in TF2 are literally the worst people in the entire community.

  16. Rasta: [HA] said:

    Manchmal muss man einfach konsequent sein! ;)

  17. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Hey, now we are already a circle jerk! I’m gonna have some eggs with the salt, I think…

    Unfortunately, I was not playing in the match against your old team but heard the stories. Question: If all the claims that lead to the warnings were “made up”, why did you not contest the decisions? Should have been easy to debunk when there was no proof…

    Your “arguments” are so full of misinformation and wild accusations that I am not even going to bother responding to them but thanks for making my evening :)

  18. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    as I said salty :DDD

  19. Gazy said:

    Apparently, my old team got a warning for flaming, however if you check the logs your friend Netsky kindly posted in the old match page

    no mercs were allowed.

    You can see the chatlogs, and guess what? No flaming at all, only shitty binds.
    I think that’s enough proof from my side to prove that both, HA and T4F, are extremely cancerous when it comes to competitive spirit.
    Lastly, coming to your last sentence:

    “Your “arguments” are so full of misinformation and wild accusations that I am not even going to bother responding to them but thanks for making my evening :)”

    You know who else responds like that? Politicians who have been caught.
    Usually, politicians only reply to accusations if they are secretly true, but they repel them with a PR-manager stating that the accused doesn’t give any comment on that matter or by saying “That’s not true and only rumors, I won’t bother to answer to any of the accusations” personally.
    If all the stuff I mentioned, all the stuff I accused you of, wouldn’t be true, you wouldn’t have bothered to mention that you are not gonna reply to any accusations. Do you think Hillary Clinton would’ve replied to the WikiLeaks leaks if they wouldn’t be true? It’s all about saving face and that is exactly what you’re trying to do, by replying with “arguments” which are nothing more but hollow shells and personal attacks.

  20. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    whats wrong with you??? :DDD


  21. Samus: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) said:

    Can you stop trying to assume you know what exactly is going on in the background when teams schedule their matches? We forfeit that S24 match because we didn’t have enough players on that day, and HA couldn’t move the match to another date. If you had read the matchpage, you would have known. I have no idea why you would think there was any “rigging” going on. This is damn Open and not Prem, for god’s sakes, there is no money involved. This is supposed to be about having fun and playing to improve as a player. I know there is competitive spirit, but with so many toxic people around I know it’s hard to remember that.

    You don’t have to allow any mercs at all in 6s, there is no rule that says so. It is each team’s own decision. Mercs can make or break games, and if team leaders just come up and, for example, request a merc that has played in a higher div, that is just disrespectful to the other team. “But he is offclassing” is not an excuse. It is kind of suspicious as well when teams request a merc or two that got denied and in the end they did have 6 rostered players. And to be honest, if I was a player on that team and they would rather let a merc play for me even if I did have time, I would feel rather shitty. Behaviour like this can make team leaders hesitant to allow any further mercs. Of course this sucks if the team that is asking for a merc is sincere, I agree to that.

    Now to that “default hunting”. I’m sorry, I think I’ll have to send you a picture showing how we intimidated our opponents so that they couldn’t play… wait, something like that doesn’t exist. In the first one, I think the other team couldn’t play on that day and we couldn’t reschedule, in the second one, they didn’t even say anything and didn’t show up at alll. If you look at the teams, you’ll see that both teams dropped out of the competition after the respective match. That does tell us something about the state of the teams at that time, right?
    And for today/yesterday’s match, do you really think that every week is the same? This last week is busy for a lot of us, we would have been missing a player every day besides today. Why risk anything more? The only reason Blooddrunk played is because our main Scout showed up later than expected (about the time when the match started) and didn’t have the time to ready himself yet, so he agreed that Blooddrunk could play the first map instead of him. And no, even if there is a holiday on Tuesday in Germany (not for me in the north, hah…), this doesn’t necessarily mean that people have time then. Families, other plans etc exist.

    I won’t say anything about your last remark about German teams, as I think that was just disrespectful and needs no comment.

  22. Samus: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) said:

    “this week is busy” scrap the last, I’m too tired for this

  23. Rasta: [HA] said:


    So CanFo for President? Well, this can’t be true, as I am the silverback of the Army! *banging on your chest* :)

    But to be honest – do you really believe in the things you wrote in this report? From the chat I just see an extremely disappointed guy, who really wanted to merc in this league game, though the team was able to get 7(!?) own listed team-members online for the match later.

    This smells like “cherry picking” of a merc for a match to get a better team on the field, without considering the own team-members! From my point of view this is the sad action, which you should be blamed. And I hope that this isn’t the “competitive spirit” these days….

    @Classic MemeUp: I hope Gazkoyn does not speak in the name of your team!

  24. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    I’m glad we can agree that you used shitty binds because spamming binds is considered “flaming” (for a lack of a better selection option in the warnings menu) as per general ETF2L rule 2.5:
    “Any offensive chat as well as spamming binds may lead to a warning for your team.”
    If that was the only thing that you feel was unjustified I am happy that I could provide you with some peace of mind by explaning the rule to you. Since this seemed to be your sole reason to claim we are “extremely cancerous when it comes to competitive spirit”, you can probably retract that comment now as well since it holds no ground anymore.

    I’m not bothering to reply to your false comments and wild accusations because you do not provide any proof to back up your ridiculous accusations in the first place or your conclusions are based on incorrect facts (like Allerheiligen being a bank holiday in Germany when it is only in predominantly catholic regions).
    Most of your accusations have been debunked by Amaterasu anyway (who knew more about the whole situation as well), q.e.d.
    I’m not sure why you bring Hillary into this and how it compares to this situation but let the record show that yes, I do believe that if an outlet like Wikileaks released false or faked information about a former secretary of state and candidate for the presidential election, this person would still have replied to the accusations just to disarm the political opposition and not give them the freedom to interpret the silence however they please.

    So far you have called my team “scheiße”, you have called us “cancerous” (which is hugely disrespectful to use as an insult), said we’d use “shady tactics” without proof to back that up and threw my team and me into the pool of “the worst people in the entire community” when many players from my team and I have probably done more for this community than you will ever do (and don’t get me started on the racist comments you made towards Fränk in response to him calling you a rag (did that seriously hurt your feelings?) in response to you calling him poor).
    I posted some snide and slightly condescending comments, trying (and probably failing) to be clever and funny at 1AM.
    Please show me where I attacked you personally. Who’s hypocritical now?

    @Rasta: I am coming for you with my shady Hillary tactics to become president of [HA], the last active Austrian team in ETF2L!

  25. Gazy said:

    Although I indeed jumped to conclusions when I commented on the S24 match, there is no denying that you both know each other very well and considering the shit you two pull off every now and then, a “friends favor” by letting HA get the defwin isn’t that far off, especially considering how HerbsArmy had trouble winning open/reaching mid. But yes, thats nothing more of an accusation.

    However, the “of course nobody would accept a merc from a higher div” argument doesn’t work here, simply because neither me, nor anybody else who got suggested was higher than open. Actually, scratch that, your team simply didn’t accept any merc at all. All attempts from the…less educated of your teams to try and shift the blame for the strict “no mercs allowed” policy, you had going there, on me, simply failed because fränk posted the steam chat logs where he himself stated that he won’t accept ANY mercs and that he will abuse that rule. I honestly can’t believe you are talking about knowing competitive spirit, yet your team is actively destroying it, especially in this case. How can you talk about “fun and improving as a player” when your team takes these opportunities from other people. You play for fun? Why did Fränk hesitate to accept ANY merc? Why was he so unfriendly and arrogant to talk to when confronted about that, prior to us both insulting each other?

    To the default hunting part, I never mentioned or asked about the 2 default wins you got this season. I know that these teams folded so there was no point and I honestly don’t know why you are bringing it up.

    People are busy, we got that. Still, it’s essentially an own goal. You’re talking about “not risking more than you need to” so you insisted on playing today. Why not accept a merc then? Where is the competitive spirit you mentioned earlier? Doesn’t that argument confirm that you were actively hunting for a default win, or atleast get a advantage out of that situation? Do you think the week of others are any different to yours? You’re telling us that wholeheartedly that your main roster plays ETF2L, fully in possession of the knowledge that you need atleast 2 hours of time in the evening once a week, but you still couldn’t reschedule the game “because you were busy”? What an argument. If I don’t have time for league play, I don’t play in the league.

    My statement about german teams was not disrespectful, it was completely on point, as you and the HerbsArmy members haven proven me right once again in this match page. Of course not all german teams are like this, but you are and thats probably already around 40% of the all-german 6s teams. I do have to compliment you though, you were the only one intelligent enough to bring up arguments outside of ignorance and personal attacks. You should open your eyes and reread the comments of your friends and team members on this match page.

    Rasta, you should honestly shut your mouth. It’s amazing that you have the nerves the post that comment under this match page. You accuse me of being mad because I wanted to play and try to prove it by saying they got 7 players together in the end? Have you ever considered that these people were offline just right before the official? You’re accusing me of bad sportsmanship? Can you remember when your team, “8 years in open”, denied every merc in the official of my old team last season and we had to play with 5 people because we had no one available to fill out that position? How we got a sub on the second map, who just got home and didn’t even want to play? How your team admin got us a warning for everything he could, even giving us one for nothing at all? YOU try to accuse ME of bad competitive spirit? I hope you do not speak in the name of both of these teams, because you are an absolute disgrace to the entire TF2 community.

    I guess that is enough, as the only one who isn’t completely braindead or has the head up the arse of someone else is Amaterasu and because I see this is not going anywhere as especially everyone but him is completely unreasonable and oblivious to their own shady actions taken.

  26. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    “If I don’t have time for league play, I don’t play in the league.”
    But T4F had time to play… meme^ did not have the full roster. Who are you trying to support with this statement?

    Also, add “completely braindead” to the ad hominem attacks you made, I’ll patiently wait for the list of my personal attacks on you.

  27. Gazy said:

    As a last response to Ganfo, who I guess still has no real arguments:

    “I’m glad we can agree that you used shitty binds because spamming binds is considered “flaming”
    -So you just confirmed that your team is a bunch of shitheads. I’ve yet to see someone complain about binds outside of your team or even go as far and get someone a warning for it, let alone that the binds mentioned here weren’t even insulting in the slightest. You should work on your reading comprehension, as denying mercs for no reason was also one of the reasons I accused your team (and T4F) of bad sportsmanship.

    “So far you have called my team “scheiße”, you have called us “cancerous” (which is hugely disrespectful to use as an insult), said we’d use “shady tactics” without proof to back that up and threw my team and me into the pool of “the worst people in the entire community”
    -Nice reading comprehension yet again, I said (not 1:1) “what’s up with this HerbsArmy shit”, as in why are you using ways comparable to those of HerbsArmy. For the shady tactics thingy, I mentioned it around 5 times, but apparently you seem to ignore it. Figures, since you pretty much admitted to bad sportsmanship, giving my old team a warning for “flaming”.Apparently nobody has a problem with binds but you.Weird huh?

    Sure, the “Rassenschande” insult was a bit too much, but Fränk still insulted me personally after me criticizing his ways of handling the current situation.Also, he was pretty arrogant to begin with. I have the guts to admit that I overreacted in that situation.However, You attacked me personally by accusing me of being “salty” (which was by the way the only argument you had earlier, with no proof, funny how you are hypocritical in that matter, huh?)

    “My team and I did more for the community than you will ever do”
    Hitler created more jobs and built highways. Does this automatically make him a good person? You can do fuck all for the community, it doesn’t change the fact that your personality is pretty much only describable with cancerous. And thats what the original argument was about.

    As a final last word to all of this, since Amaterasu is the only one not actively trying to avoid my arguments and since this just revolves in everyone of your side trying to look for backup with funny/cringy remarks towards team members while (still) misinterpreting my arguments due to the lack of developed reading comprehension, I’d like to formulate the argument short and clear for everyone of you to understand:

    “You are in the possession of a bad competitive spirit, since it is obvious that you tried to gain an advantage by not accepting mercs and hoping that Meme^ forfeits or plays with 5 players. Also, I find it despicable that you try and deny it while resorting to shifting the blame and personal attacks unrelated to the actual point”

    Good luck to the members of Memeup
    Good luck to some members of T4F
    Good luck to HA in their mid season, they’ll need for the next 8 years.

  28. Samus: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) said:

    With the merc paragraph I wanted to show that teams get distrustful of mercs if opponents keep trying to get more experienced players into the match, and if those mercs play well in the match, sometimes they even carry the team a bit, that does leave a feeling of “Why did we allow him/her?”. And I think our team has grown a bit allergic to that, so we don’t want to take any more risks but play against a fully rostered team so there is no “What if” anymore. If in the future a team denies us a merc, then it is their right as well.

    I don’t know what Fränk set as our available dates, but I know that it should only be Sundays and Thursdays. And this week, seeing as how he and me wouldn’t be there on Thursday, it was probably only Sunday. And I don’t know what our opponents set as their possible date, but if it included Sunday, then… sorry, we could play with a full team, they at first couldn’t. We were prepared, they weren’t.
    And I am defending my team of “default hunting” here because your comment implied that we had a history of this, which isn’t true at all, see my examples.

    I’d really prefer it if you wouldn’t drag other teams, whatever their nationality is, into this, as it doesn’t matter at all. I’m not a boy, btw.

  29. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    You make a good point about the poor sportsmanship that my team showed when you got reported for spamming binds during the match – but that was not the whole reason. While that was completely within the rules of the league, we don’t usually report other teams for frivolities like that – only when the other team is showing poor sportsmanship on top of that. I wasn’t playing that night so I only know what happend from stories but apparently the binds were not the only thing that lead to the warning and someone from your team flamed our demoman for using the wee booties (probably during the pregame which is not recorded by which is childish and disruptive and should have no place in a competitive match. The internet doesn’t have to be a safe space for everybody but a minimum in good behaviour should be expected in a competitive enviroment.

    I’ll not retract my complaint about you calling us “scheiße”. That word can be used in a non-insulting way, correct, but you were clearly drawing a comparison between T4F’s “tactic” of hunting default wins and our “shady tactics” (something I will get to in the next paragraph!), thus essentially calling HA default hunters. You’ve ignored to comment on the part where you called us/me “cancerous” and “braindead”. You can’t call out someone for one single insult and constantly insult him yourself. That is the definition of hypocrisy.

    Your “shady tactics” argument does not stick. You can repeat it a thousand times but that does not make it any more correct. We usually deny mercs that played in a higher tier than we are currently playing in for reasons perfectly outlined by Amaterasu. I’m also with Fränk and can totally understand that if the intended merc itself (not the team leader whose job it should be to sort this out) disrupts him while he plays another game, he tells him multiple times to leave him alone and the merc ends up calling him “Rassenschande” and “Möchtegern Kanacke”, that he decline mercs altogether because he can’t be arsed anymore. After all, most of us play this game for fun and listening to insults while playing a game does not sound like fun and you could just fire up Call of Duty for that. It should also not be forgotten that granting a merc should never be a given. The team requiring the merc is always at the other team’s grace and insulting them neither shows good sportsmanship nor is it very intelligent to insult someone while asking for a favour. If you consider it “shady tactics” to not grant someone a favour who acts disrespectful towards you then yes – HerbsArmy is using the same “shady tactics” as T4F. However, I would assume most people would consider that quite reasonable and not “shady”.
    By the way, there are plently of recorded instances where HA allowed mercs (from the same skill level) and lost the match afterwards. We got no issue with that as long as it’s communicated properly by the opponent who they want to use and it fits the skill level.
    We were also really looking forward to our match against T4F in Season 24. They don’t like scrimming us but as you noticed, we know each other (we even use the same Mumble server) and this time they could not dodge the match. However, they genuinely could not play that week so unfortunately we had to take the default win (or give them a default but that would not have made sense since we had a team ready). We don’t like taking defaults because we are all working during the day, somtimes have plans for the evenings and take time out of our schedule to play this game we love. Showing up for a prearranged match just to learn the opponent did not prepare his roster or it’s cancelled is no fun for us. We’d much rather play a fair match.

    Thanks for admitting that you overreacted in resorting to racist remarks. That actually shows some class although I feel that resorting to racist insults is always despicable and unexcusable, no matter how insulted you feel.
    I did also not realise that I offended you by calling you “salty”. It’s a term I use quite losely (blame Twitch) but maybe that deserves rethinking on my part and I would like to apologise. I can understand that it triggers a person the same way saying “Why you have to be mad?” does.

    I’ve only brought in the achievements and service for this community by me and members of my team because you called us “the worst people in the entire community” (alongside many other teams consisting of only German(speaking) players). It doesn’t mean I am immune to criticism and I’ve got flaws but I think someone with the track record of me or anyone on my team does not qualify for one of the “worst people in the entire community”. And yet again, you call me “cancerous” and draw a comparison to Hitler. I’m not a fan of using fatal diseases as insults and consider it disrespectful towards people who actually suffer from a terminal illness or lost someone to a fatal disease. Pulling the Hitler card and using the argument out of context also does not display much class and seems to be only used to provoke.

    I’ll also try to bring across my points briefly and clearly:
    “You do not show a great deal of sportsmanship yourself and constantly insult other people – yet you call out others for bad sportsmanship and ad hominem attacks – and hypocrisy. I hope you realise the irony in that. Maybe lose some of the attitude and you will have more luck with strangers on the internet granting you favours. Being nice sometimes actually gets you to places.”

    Good luck to the members of Memeup
    Good luck to the members of T4F (scrim us pls?)
    Good luck to you, Gazkoyn, and your team RINGO. From a quick glance it looks like you have a safe slot in the open playoffs and I wish you succeed and reach your goals. It doesn’t look too good for us in mid right now and it’s pretty much impossible that we are going to get promoted to High next season so maybe you’ll stick together and we meet each other on the battlefield in the mid tier next season. I’m sure we’ll remain there for a few more years :)

    I would also like to apologise to meme^ and T4F and the admins for misusing this match page. I felt inclined to comment since our name got dragged into it but after writing just another wall of text at now… 3AM, I realise that was not the wisest decision.

    Now for the concluding snide remark:
    Speaking of reading comprehension… Who is this “Ganfo” you are addressing? ;)

  30. celvn: PSM said:

    took me like 3 hours to read this

    stop bitching denying mercs is just a dick move

  31. Netsky said:

    @Gazkoyn: “How your team admin got us a warning for everything he could, even giving us one for nothing at all? YOU try to accuse ME of bad competitive spirit?”
    I honestly have no idea which game you are referring to, but as I am 100% sure that game was treated like every other game during me being admin. I never handled my own team’s matches. Be it warnings, def wins or anything else. I always took the regular route of contacting an admin who handled it. If you don’t want to believe me, I would suggest you contact any active admin, along with the match page. They should be able to tell if I issued those warnings you are speaking of.
    Doing my best to spearate player and admin and now wild accusations :(
    TLDR: Yes it might have been me who did the admin request, but no I do not hold any responsibility over the warnings or other consequences themselves.

  32. Rasta: [HA] said:

    Well, in the end we have to say sorry and should stop to “highjack” the matchreport of Team MemeUp and T4F.

    I think with these posts Gazkoyn disqualifies himself to be taken seriously. And CanFo and Amaterasu said enough.

    Best regards from the man with “the nerves” and the “absolute disgrace to the entire TF2 community”! At least you made me smile with this one! :D

    P.S. And, Gazkoyn, gl for your playoffs and be sure to get a stable lineup for the upcoming season in mid. Maybe we will meet there! ;P (just a joke and it’s sad that I have to note this)

  33. fränk: [HA] - #T4F said:

    Sure, the “Rassenschande” insult was a bit too much, but Fränk still insulted me personally after me criticizing his ways of handling the current situation.Also, he was pretty arrogant to begin with. I have the guts to admit that I overreacted in that situation.

    Ich denke für Menschen die solche Worte in ihrem Wortschatz haben und diese als Beleidigung benutzen ist hier grundsätzlich kein Platz. Auch eine argumentative Auseinandersetzung mit solchen Menschen erscheint mir sinnfrei. Trotzdem finde ich es toll, dass sich hier einige die Zeit genommen haben. :)

    Der einzige der hier sein wahres Ich gezeigt hat – sofern noch nicht bekannt – warst du, lieber Gazkoyn.


  34. oJ: CLARTED - YNWA. said:

    I think Gaz’s true self was revealed when he was sending Snapchats as Jihadi John lol

  35. psy said:

    Uhm, hab ich da was falsch gelesen oder steht in unserem Doodle, dass T4F einen bei uns gut hat und wir ihnen beim nächsten Mal nen Defwin geben?! Oder hab ich da jetzt Interna ausgeplaudert?! :O

  36. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    woohoo def win für uns

  37. ducky said:

    jahrelang habe ich über die krummen dinger, die hier geschoben werden stillgehalten… aber jetz reichts!

    ähnlich dem amerikanischen patriot und nationalheld snowden werde ich den dubiosen machenschaften der deutschen etf2l mafia den schleier der anonymität herunterreißen und somit die wahrheit ans licht bringen!!!

    hier ist der unbestreitbare beweis:

    t4f, HA, admins, clinton, hitler, die illuminaten und viele mehr, alle stecken se dahinter.
    systematisch werden hier resultate prädestiniert erspielt, screenshots editiert und völlig aus der luft gegriffene anschuldigungen durch kurzfristige regeländerungen legitimiert.

    der ganze laden ist ein jenga-esque bau aus lügen, der mit jedem gezogenen stein droht einzustürzen.

    aber es gibt möglichkeiten aus diesem schlangennest zu entkommen wenn man folgende essentielle schritte verfolgt:

    – screenshottet alle 5 sekunden euren bildschirm. auch wenn das bild, dass sich euch bietet, unwichtig erscheint so beinhaltet es versteckte gecodete zeichen, welche man im notfall zu euren gunsten entschlüssen und als waffe gegen die etf2l-reichsbürger verwenden kann

    – schmiert euren bildschirm mit ejakulat ein, damit man im zweifelsfall durch UV-beleuchtung spuren erkennt, die während eurer abwesenheit online hinterlassen wurden

    – verriegelt die tür zum (gäste-)bad, zieht euer wlan kabel, pustet den wärmesuchenden nanochip-staub von eurer tastatur und baut euch und eurem PC einen hut aus wrigley’s-kaugummi verpackungen (es ist essentiell, dass die verpackung original von wrigley’s ist, sonst werdet ihr im vergleich zu anderen marken doppelt so schnell kompromittiert!)

    befolgt diese schritte und kontaktiert umgehend den anführer der revolution unter folgender adresse:

    Unter der Brücke 1
    01337 Troldhavn

    er wird euch alle weiteren schritte erklären. bis dahin solltet ihr sicherheitshalber den kopf in die laufende mikrowelle stecken um eventuell vorhandene indikator-fremdkörperchen in der blutbahn des gehirns unschädlich zu machen

    mtv… ich meine viva la révolution brüder!

  38. Blitz said:


    I had good banter tho, so thanks :D

  39. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    this is a match comm.
    If you want have a little talk arround a cup of salt do it elsewhere.

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