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Season 24 powered by Tt eSPORTS: High Playoffs

Semi Finals

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

France top5rocket vs Denmark Vintage
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Vintage (5) Broda, django, Scorpion, wonder, F2
top5rocket (6) Blitzo, Ombrack, Néo, Corbac, Namtac, Medico
Unrostered (1) Nagi


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Season 24 High Semi Finals

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    top5rocket picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed top5rocket can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if Vintage have to.

    Good luck for both teams!

  2. wonder: ? said:


  3. ekta koling: czur - TC said:

    big match!

  4. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    lourd lourd lourd

  5. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    14:17 – LE COUP DE GRIZOU BIS: We allow iatgink

  6. F2: Danmark said:

    Please decide who is Team A.

  7. F2: Danmark said:

    They decided that we are Team A.

    We ban product.

  8. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    22:45 – Ombrack.: we ban badlands
    22:45 – Ombrack.: and we pick gully
    22:50 – F2: we pick process
    22:50 – Ombrack.: we pick snake as decider

  9. CRIKI.. said:

    GLTOP5 ?

  10. Pierrot said:

    Go go top5rocket ?

  11. Sala': vVv said:

    Go top5 !

    Will it be streamed somewhere ?

  12. loopster said:

    la france

  13. Daul said:

    gogo vintage?

  14. F2: Danmark said:

    Do you allow Beetle as soldier merc? http://etf2l.org/forum/user/53414/

  15. Scorpion said:

    ill stream it https://www.twitch.tv/scorpytf2

  16. WML said:

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTOP5 TAKE MY NON-THROWING ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  17. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    We accept Beetle

  18. Natural said:


  19. hp said:


    21:15 CET ARE U READY

    TIME FOR ANOTHER PLAYOFFS GAME ( its gonna be epic !)




  20. spddl! said:


  21. spddl! said:

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DEFAULT OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  22. Leyo: Z&Co said:

    french stream


  23. Daul said:


  24. Nagi said:

    gg guys, sorry for the huge wait. was incredibly fun!

  25. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    gg lads

  26. Zesty: (blaster) - open - bobs said:

    Congratulations to scorpion for winning! A toast to you scorpion!!

  27. yak: goon - Gungaginga said:

    idk how u keep doing it vintage but u keep winning games with a low/mid high demo huge testimony to the quality of (other) players on ur team

  28. ninya: Team said:

    FeelsTop5Man :(

  29. Funs said:

    fuck me

  30. wonder: ? said:


  31. Scorpion said:


  32. Chiefdog: Xypher said:


  33. Daul said:


  34. Beater: Danmark - LEGO said:


  35. robin: fools - enclave said:

    rip top5 :C

  36. Kemor said:


  37. Blitzo said:

    Best night of my TF2 life. :D

  38. Crayon: McV said:

    idk how u keep doing it vintage but u keep winning games with a low/mid high demo huge testimony to the quality of (other) players on ur team

  39. Namtac: Z&Co said:

    I’ve never laughed so much on tf2 thank you guys you’re the best ;D

  40. Leyo: Z&Co said:


  41. Néo: /ff - Jamz said:


  42. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    rip the dream sheepy don’t come spank me :c

  43. WML said:

    Whoops I gave you my throwing energy by mistake… :(

  44. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    Wow well played vintage! Very big frenchie choke first the euro final now this, when will it end!

  45. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    We have no border sheepy don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find some way to amaze you once again !

  46. tonmas: sirkkels - BauS said:

    wow :/

  47. streep36: (ETF2L Donator) - notdoggo - KAAS said:


  48. Scorpion said:

    ty broda

  49. Blitzo said:

    Yeah right Scorpion, you didn’t recognize the change in the voice of your teammate xD

  50. Funs said:

    I knew there was a reason broda wouldn’t speak in pugchamp HAHAHAHA

  51. Namtac: Z&Co said:

    Now we can choke the finals .^)

  52. Funs said:

    cu there

  53. Néo: /ff - Jamz said:

    nice try scorpion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jolk-EbXK9Q

  54. moursi: (Big Poppa) - bobs said:


  55. Scorpion said:

    what you mean?

  56. Blitzo said:

    And now the video is public again haha, Scorpion, you are digging your own grave, that’s hilarious!

  57. Scorpion said:

    still dont understand what u want, u better think not choke final. we blame only broda thats all, nobody have any idea about broda/azn

  58. Glastry: Top5rocket said:

    ye ye ofc

  59. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:


  60. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    honestly u guys must have noticed the voice change and yet you still decided to play on. retards.

  61. flushy: P.O.P said:

    Interesting and slightly disconcerting to see members of top5 whimsically directing accusations at individuals who have everything to lose from the situation – a situation from which you are ultimately going to benefit from if I’m to understand?

    Am I missing something?

  62. AB said:

    i was wondering when broda got that good

  63. Funs said:

    I don’t believe vintage would have ever allowed this to happen, they can’t have known. These players would not have gone along with it.
    Just my thoughts

  64. Kilgors: plēve said:

    what happened?

  65. Scorpion said:

    broda = azn he played 2 or 3 official with us

  66. Night: dog said:

    Invoking the AC team (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ zip zap ヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノ

  67. Scorpion said:

    @Funs, as everyone knows i have uploaded all POV’s with mumble comms, so why people still thinking any of us knew about this? Broda was not even talking a lot in mumble, only calls… shit heppend broda fucked #Vintage. Stop talking about this, nothing to say here, we feel sad and we cant change anything.

    why i privated video on youtube? “after game broda/azn asked delete it cause some frenchies wanna use it they thinking its azn cause we have same mic, i told to him all french ppl have same voice, i was under emotions wining this game^, and i was like i dont care i jut privated it, then this heppend. ” 00:36 – Broda is now Busy.
    00:36 – Broda: idk man
    00:37 – Scorpion: fuck off
    00:37 – Scorpion: never
    00:37 – Scorpion: msg me anymore
    00:37 – Scorpion: you and your idiot friend
    00:37 – Scorpion: you both
    00:37 – Broda: azn is not my friend
    00:37 – Scorpion: go lick french top5rocket asses
    00:37 – Scorpion: so how the fuck he was in ur acc?
    00:37 – Broda: by mistake
    00:37 – Scorpion: what mistake ?
    00:38 – Broda: i didn’t know he had my password
    00:38 – Broda: i gave him a long time ago

  68. Scorpion said:


  69. Glastry: Top5rocket said:

    Here Broda is playing :


    Here is Azn :


    How can’t you hear the difference ??

  70. Scorpion said:

    now i can, but its to late

  71. Clark: SDCK! said:

    “00:38 – Broda: i didn’t know he had my password
    00:38 – Broda: i gave him a long time ago”

    If I made the list of the worst excuses made by tf2 players this one would probably be in… top5 DatSheffy

  72. AB said:

    ‘he had my password and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t me but azn playing our officials’

  73. 30.06: RATS said:

    Better not choke final top5 <3

  74. drezzo said:


  75. wand00m: CSG.DEJI said:


  76. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    Just anted to say that, even tho the situation is hilarious, we didn’t do this for the single purpose of getting a def win. Ofc we benefit from the resultat of all this, but the original point was to get these cheaters banned.
    Sorry this happenned, really. And I think we’ll always acknowledge that we played garbage in this official.

  77. tavi: A51 said:

    wow wtf

  78. Enj: Top5rocket said:

    Out of curiosity scorpion, how coincidental is it that you wrote “where is broda?!” on broda’s profile ?

  79. Corbac: azn said:

    00:38 – Broda: i didn’t know he had my password
    00:38 – Broda: i gave him a long time ago

    Tu pourrais assumer maintenant que t’es ban, au lieu de te ridiculiser.

  80. DamnEasy said:

    LUL high drama LUL

  81. wonder: ? said:

    It’s sad broda/azn did something like this to us. I can say that we didn’t know/notice about this. I don’t know what was azn/broda goal. It looks like broda didn’t believe he could win vs top5 by himself. I heard from admin that azn played instead of broda in match vs tcm. So then next 2 important games we had to play with beetle and crizzl (vs danger dogs and vs stevie’s wonder quarterfinal) because broda was gone and he came back to play game vs top5.

    I believe scorpion didn’t know about this because why he streamed many of our pcws and officials and uploaded them to youtube to risk that someone will notice azn voice? Broda/azn claim scorpion knew but I already caught broda in a lie (I sent screenshots with eviedences to admin -> http://imgur.com/a/QUm9W) so he probably lies again. You can even see more of his lies in chat log above

    00:37 – Scorpion: so how the fuck he was in ur acc?
    00:37 – Broda: by mistake
    00:37 – Scorpion: what mistake ?
    00:38 – Broda: i didn’t know he had my password
    00:38 – Broda: i gave him a long time ago

    these excuses and lies are silly.

  82. Daul said:

    Invoking the AC team (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ zip zap ヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノヽ(◉◡◔)ノ

  83. Princess Luna: ZDG5.0 - TC said:

    wow, rip

  84. Broda: SSKP said:

    lol you did funny things azn while i was away xdddd

  85. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    the dream is alive hikari!

  86. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    Also I honestly think vintage should have noticed that something was up but i’m quite certain none of them would have known it was azn and decided to stay quiet and go along with it. F2 and Wonder are long time and respected players and I highly doubt they would go along with it when they have everything to lose if caught.

  87. Olgha: Virtus. said:

    still azn > top5 :DDD

    Bon je vais dormir

  88. barcaphilip said:

    Rofl, ban broda and azn a long time now pls.

  89. Scorpion said:

    @Enjoyed wtf?

    Scorpion 3 Jul @ 4:30pm
    where is broda?!

    he was offline 4-5 days he missed official thats why i wrote, stop being salty frenchies and enjoy your free win

  90. Enj: Top5rocket said:

    @Scorpion How often does scorpion talk to someone at the third person ?

  91. SOLAR: TCM said:

    I watched Scorpion pov’s and i didnt notice any difference until Glastry’s post :o For me every frenchie sounds the same so maybe that’s why wonder didnt noticed it too

  92. NeuTronas said:

    I doubt I would notice difference too.

  93. piotrek63: BowDown said:

    00:38 – Broda: i didn’t know he had my password
    00:38 – Broda: i gave him a long time ago

    and you didn’t know he played officials in your place either, wow just how clueless are you

  94. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:


  95. Broda: SSKP said:

    you’re wrong on something, i stopped the game 2 months ago, all recent quotes are not me xd the real story is :
    i couldnt play anymore, i would rather stop the game or give my account to azn so he can play again to tf2, so i gave him, nothing more nothing less.
    That wont change the fact that azn solo won this match without cheats, proving that on this dead game, random admin can ban whoever they want without real reasons :)

  96. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    Sheepy miracles are possible !

  97. Pete_: PrettyGay said:


  98. WML said:

    Apart from top5 its now safe to say that french TF2 is utter cancer.

  99. Glastry: Top5rocket said:

    frenchies = cancer

    Because of 2 players, all french people are cancer now

    GREAT !

  100. WML said:

    Well to put in perspective, all of the best french players have migrated to overwatch, the only french player in prem is dmoule and is more known for memes than actual skill. You have all these high profile french players getting banned for hacking or stupid reasons (allowing hackers to use their accounts in games or for trying to sell fucking medals). And the majority of french players in the community are either in below average teams or national circlejerks. If you honestly think French TF2 is now in a better position than it was before tf2connexions got shut down and overwatch was released then you’re fucking delusional.

  101. Corbac: azn said:

    Si t’es aussi bon à ce jeu sans cheat et que t’as suffisamment envie de jouer pour prendre le risque de faire ban un de tes potes, c’était quoi l’intérêt de cheat à la base ?

  102. Medico: BnR! said:

    “That wont change the fact that azn solo won this match without cheats, proving that on this dead game, random admin can ban whoever they want without real reasons :)”

    Nan mais t’es sérieux broda ? Azn c’est fait ban pour cheat, puis VAC ban, le nombre de fois ou il a jouer sans cheat on doit les compter sur les doigts de la main. Et le fait de dire qu’il ne cheatait plus après son premier ban est completement faux car La vague de VAC ban n’a touché que les personnes qui avaient cheat après une date bien précise, en avril il me semble.

    Et si ban une personne qui est VAC ban c’est ban sans raison alors je sais pas ce qu’il faut.

    Bref, je te pensais pas forcement très fute fute mais là t’as atteint un sacré level.

  103. Enj: Top5rocket said:

    Edgeward what you’re saying is quite nonsense.. You can only give a few examples of french players yet you call the whole community as cancer. Nobody said french tf2 is in a better position than before tf2c got shut down, but also what is your point when you say “the majority of french players in the community are either in below average teams or national circlejerks” ? Is being in a below average team considered as being cancer ?

  104. Broda: SSKP said:

    Azn s’est fait vac parce qu’il est débile, il a lié ses deux comptes sur steam mobile et a cheat sur un alt, il ne cheatait pas sur son main.
    Tu me pensais pas très fute fute ? C’est marrant parce qu’après avoir arrêté ce jeu y a un an et y être revenu un mois, j’me suis rendu compte que les gamins qui y jouaient étaient vraiment autistes, mais ça tu t’en rends pas compte quand t’es à fond dedans puisque j’étais comme ça aussi. Tu réalises que toi et tes potes passez votre vie à faire des dramas et juger les gens sur un JEU VIDEO ? un jeu vidéo de random je dirais même. Il serait peut-être temps de grandir et commencer à voir les choses avec un peu plus de maturité toi et votre de bande de gamin de 16 ans. C’est pas la peine de répondre, je regarderais pas la réponse parce que ça sert à rien de se disputer sur internet.

  105. WML said:

    Sry I get sudden adrenaline charge from drama and my brain goes full retard. Its just something that’s always been nagging at me when i see players like azn and night get banned repeatedly and players from the french community have the cheek to defend them and this whole fiasco made me post that piss poor statement.

    It just triggers me when I see all this drama around french players because it produces a very negative image for the french community. I started TF2 around when baud got banned for a 2nd time so ive never really rated french/belgian players that highly.

  106. hr said:

    I say we ban the cheaters in that team and everyone else for being dumb enough to put scorpion on a high roster.

  107. Night: dog said:

    “night get banned repeatedly” Get your facts right, I got banned recently for the first time, and only because the AC staff are actually Open/Mid tier players.

    And Broda is right. Azn got banned because of the change in the VAC policy which ban steam accounts sharing the same phone number, not because he needs to cheat to beat the poor level of the current premiership.

  108. hr said:

    Night firstly you are that kid that is nico’s little macro buddy right? They only unbanned nico because he could prove that he could replicate the macro’s effect by himself, everyone knows that he was still using one. Secondly Azn got banned the first time for ESP so you really expect us to believe he was banned because of a phone number? Please.

  109. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    First the amazing jake vs sheepy, planet express vs infamous drama and now this, when will it end? I hope it never does this is keeping tf2 alive, prem has been missing this kind of thing for many seasons now, high is where the fun is…

  110. Scorpion said:

    hr you’r the biggest retard i have ever seen in my life, you hate everyone cause u don’t like them, shut the fuck up and try get better in real life and in game, angry kid with shit words

  111. Hikari: A3CDBL2 said:

    the drama will meet its peek when drama between me and my favorite trashtalker will take place

  112. hr said:

    Don’t make me laugh scorpion. I hate no-one besides cheaters and you know what you are. I know you think you are good but you aren’t even good enough to play high, I can’t imagine what that team was thinking picking you up. I will try to improve in the game but I am far better than you are my friend with or without cheats.

  113. wonder: ? said:

    @if you have eviedences that scorpion is cheating you should show them to admins

  114. Clark: SDCK! said:

    I second sheepy’s opinion: wonder and F2 are the only trustworthy ones on Vintage’s side. I may be biased but I just can’t wrap my head around the fact why two such old school players like them would ever be in on such a hoax.

  115. hr said:

    Of course I would. I know scorpion is a cheater because of his VAC ban and how he lied to me about why he got it. I didn’t say he is cheating right now but once a cheater always a cheater. Certainly it is suspicious that he plays like a braindead moron and rarely gets punished by us but that is likely because we aren’t good enough as a team or individually. It’s also strange for a player to have high dm with the gamesense of an open player but who knows. Either way no respect for him, and I hope you have enough respect for yourself not to play with him again wonder.

  116. hr said:

    Clark I think the whole situation is dodgy and so is everyone involved. F2 is a legend and it doesn’t make sense for him to cheat I agree but for someone to be playing and calling and for anyone to not notice that it’s not their teammate is ridiculous. I know scorpion streamed it all but he is not the brightest bulb in the pack and obviously he deleted a bunch of VODs from what I understand and if that’s not an admission of guilt I don’t know what is. If people really are innocent of knowing that this guy played several games then they’ve got to take a look at all of their team mates and really work out who knew about this.

  117. flushy: P.O.P said:

    hr you are bran damaged, stfu

  118. wonder: ? said:

    Scorpion didn’t delete any vod. He streamed many of our pcws and officials (also that one vs tcm where azn played) and uploaded them and we knew about his stream. If we had known azn played instead of broda why would we let scorpion to stream this game?

  119. hr said:

    Nice response flushy how about you suck a dick if you aren’t going to actually explain why you think what I said was wrong or stupid.

    Wonder I agree it doesn’t make sense that you’d let him do that, I’m not saying anyone in particular is guilty but it’s not inconceivable or even unlikely to me that some people knew and others in the team didn’t and you must admit it’s very strange that no-one would recognise across several games that a different player is playing.

    It doesn’t have to be a team conspiracy so maybe scorpion didn’t get asked to not stream and maybe you thought other people wouldn’t recognise from the stream. Or maybe he just did it out of habit and no-one thought to stop him. But scorpion did delete his youtube vods according to your conversation with broda/azn no? That to me shows that he is either guilty or very stupid.

    From what I see of your conversation it seems likely that you didn’t know unless you just fabricated the whole conversation with him to get out of your end of the guilt but if you trust everyone else in your team, especially scorpion then I would probably dig a little deeper if I was you, you know to make sure.

  120. Scorpion said:

    imagine me face to face vs you, you will get big punch first, and then dick on your dirty face, show me 1 moment or 1 evidence i ever cheated or im cheating now, “VAC” not means anything cause, when i changed acc this one, that vaced account banned after 7-8 years :)

    stop shittalking on ppl, u are kid without life, you are shit without brain…

    My English is not enaught tell u corectly what you are and what i ( and not only me) thinking about you.

    Nobody asking anything to u even nobody gives a fuck about your mind, shut the hell up
    im tired and dont wanna talk anymore about this shit.

  121. Scorpion said:

    7-8 months

  122. MEGAMIDDIE: PINT said:


    you will get big punch

  123. Gazy: ez said:

    I was kinda pissed that there won’t be any potential drama between sheepy and scorp due to the defwin but this makes up for it

    9/10, high x10 more entertaining than prem

  124. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    nice response scorpion, how about you suck a dick

  125. Scorpion said:

    not 7-8 mont around 2-3 i mess calculate

  126. Scorpion said:

    @Ombrack you forgot u fucked up vs vintage? at official
    u still think you will win final? lets see id dont think so you’r trying win playoffs 3 seasons, but you are so shit u cant still go there, who is dicksucker now me or you beind dick 3 seasons

  127. cribbe: TC said:

    i’m having a great time trying to understand what scorpion is saying

  128. NURWHAL said:

    scorpion if ur reading this ur a legend

  129. flushy: P.O.P said:

    scorpion if ur reading this ur a legend

  130. wand00m: CSG.DEJI said:

    azn and night terror should stop cheating in tf2 and learn how to make cheese

    unlike cheating frenchies are actually good at making cheese :)

  131. hr said:

    I made you a new avatar scorpion http://puu.sh/q2W3x/3b8f40917e.png

  132. shoras said:

    “imagine me face to face vs you, you will get big punch first, and then dick on your dirty face”

  133. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    very kinky scorpion i like it

  134. django: HKN! said:

    in my defence, i played for them like once or twice a week for the past 2-3 weeks, couldnt care less about brodas voice. K thanks :)

  135. Scorpion said:


  136. schocky: ist doof said:

    They even cheat in matchmaking, how sad is that?

    How many cheating alt accounts do you own, night / night terror.
    Also, why would a french high+ medic support you cheating? (a hint: who is even your friend)

    I like playing vs cheaters tbh but I still think it’s just stupid to do so in comp. But if you cannot even hit easy shots I can understand your decision :saltemoticon:

  137. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    Scorpion you’re a wonderful man

  138. Scorpion said:

    thanks, mby you to

  139. azn said:

    you forgot these 2 accounts shockbite



    (∩ ͠°. °)⊃━☆゚.* zip zap

  140. sheepy dog's hand: (Cutest boy in TF2) - F! - Pander said:

    I can forgive azn for cheating I mean it’s just tf2 and at least there isn’t money involved but I cannot accept shit taste in anime girls. Shiina? fucking worst girl by far, boring and somehow more autistic than me. Aoyama best girl and only acceptable choice and don’t get me started on Asuna and Sword Art Online the show is even worse than the waifus 1/10

  141. azn said:

    that’s randoms weeb pictures man

  142. SOLAR: TCM said:

    that’s a random aznloko cheating!

  143. XO - said:

    i’m having a great time trying to understand what scorpion is saying

  144. azn said:

    wonchu <3

  145. schocky: ist doof said:

    There are even more accounts. People shouldn’t support that, right ombrack?

  146. wonder: ? said:

    azn = trash

  147. Julez said:

    i’m having a great time trying to understand what scorpion is saying

  148. azn said:

    guys stop bullying me otherwise i’ll end up like this https://i.imgur.com/m3RT8FB.jpg :'(

    (∩ ͠°. °)⊃━☆゚.*.* (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) This is the HIGH Police, VINTAGE You’re coming with us. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  149. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    what ?

  150. Princess Luna: ZDG5.0 - TC said:

    Good reads uncul dolan

  151. senko said:

    wow this comment section sure is interesting

  152. wand00m: CSG.DEJI said:

    this will forever be one of my favourite pieces of tf2 drama

  153. Snap: :pray: HL said:

    Here because I found this legend, and don’t want to lose it again

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