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Division 6L

Week 4

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Date Scheduled:
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by Snooki (Can We?)



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Venezuela Can We? vs Hungary Game Over
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Can We? (6) CbIHoK, Bejcn, SteveTheLeaf, SL1M, Snooki, cherryrendezvous
Game Over (6) A.T.H.O.S, Adrian KoRn, Pigshooter, Sam, Sybarita, Salgo


  1. maxxx.lfc: ⇗upp⇙ said:

    nobody care turbine is bo3

  2. ash: (Legend) said:

    Dear teams, please play the remaining turbine rounds before June 19th.

    4.5 Capture-the-files maps

    On capture-the-files (CTF) maps each team has a suitcase with intelligence files in his base. Both teams need to defend their own files while capturing the enemy’s files and bring them to their own base. CTF maps are played as best of 3 rounds. Please use the ETF2L CTF config. Examples for this map type are ctf_turbine_pro_rc2 and ctf_doublecross.

    4.5.1 Timelimit: 3x 10 minutes

    Each round uses a timelimit of 10 minutes.

    4.5.2 Winlimit: First to 5, best of 3

    If a team reaches 5 captures on a CTF map, that team wins the round. If no team manages to capture the intelligence 5 times during the 10 minutes timelimit, the team with more captures wins the round. The first team to win 2 rounds within 3 rounds total wins the map.

    4.5.3 Golden Cap: Decider round in case of a draw

    If after 3 rounds there is no clear winner (1-1 or 0-0) , a golden cap round with no timelimit (mp_timelimit 0) and a winlimit of 1 has to be played. The first team to capture one intelligence suitcase wins the golden cap. If neither team captures the intelligence until the time runs out, the golden cap round is repeated until a winner is decided. The winner of a map that ended with a golden cap round gets 2 points, the loser gets 1 point.

    Contact an admin on IRC if you need further help, for example with submitting the amended result.

  3. Snooki: VDOH said:

    Ah alright didn’t know it had to be player like that. We played x2 10mins map but I only uploaded one of the scores. Will try to set up a game for the last round and upload the 2nd and 3rd map screenies asap.

  4. Snooki: VDOH said:

    Lol just realised what I said – We won 2 times so even if they won 3rd we would’ve still won. Uploaded screenshot

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