Highlander Season 5 powered by BlackOut Gaming

Division 6F

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by manq (Rest in peace my Nerds With Attitude)



2 - 1 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]



2 - 1 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]

International Filthy Hobos vs European Rest in peace my Nerds With Attitude
4 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Rest in peace my Nerds With Attitude (9) vekling, Counter-Life, PU55YSL4Y3R-9000, DanielZapa, Forspan!, manq, globoxswe, faded, Fuddles
Filthy Hobos (11) $neaky, Kenan, BORGEOUS[, kid_alt, TotallyNotAWildBadge, Scottish Rasta, prof, Marshall, Eemes, EpicYetiz, Lizzie Kelly
Unrostered (4) AndR3as, Zombee Eebmoz, Mr_Luck3r, Eseku



  • Map 1 (pl_badwater): First Person [Pruned] by manq (76 Downloads)
  • Map 1 (pl_badwater): First Person [Pruned] by manq (62 Downloads)


  1. $neaky: (ETF2L Donator) - A51 - HOUSE said:

    What about the 8th?

  2. Ninja Butter: pHy said:

    How about friday, next week 20.00 cet?

  3. Freakie: KOLAR - .awkward said:

    The result has been incorrectly submitted. The score must be either 2-0 or 2-1 (golden cap win) for both maps, depending on the result.

    4.3.2 Winlimit: Best of 3

    All A/D and Payload maps are played in a best of 3 format. This means, that the first team that wins two rounds wins the map. A 2:1 result after 3 rounds counts as a Golden Cap win.

    4.3.3 ABBA format

    A/D and Payload maps have to be played for 2-3 rounds. In the first 2 rounds the ABBA format will be used.

    In the case of both teams taking one round (1:1) there will be a decider round. In the first 2 rounds the teams should note the final cap time of the first team attacking. The team that has the best cap time (or more caps in the case a team did not cap all points) can choose if they want to attack or defend first in the 3rd round. Remember to reload the config between rounds, so teams can be switched.

    Example: Team A attacks and sets a time of 4:56. Team B then attacks and caps the last point faster then Team A did, setting the score 1:0. Next team B attacks first and sets a time of 5:28, team A then attacks and caps faster. The score is then 1:1 and a decider round will need to be played. Since Team A’s attack time of 4:56 was faster then team B’s 5:28 they can choose who attacks first.

    Results must be submitted as two maps (the same map)
    If you played two rounds and the match was won 2-0, enter the result as ’2-0′as result for each map
    If you played three rounds and the match was won 2-1, submit ‘2-1′ as the score for each map and tick the golden cap box for both maps

    Please fix this as soon as possible. If it isn’t before the end of the match week (10th), both teams will receive a minor warning. The warning can later be removed by correcting the results.

  4. Smooth Style said:

    Ok so we need to do 1 single game or do we need to do it all over again since it was 1:1 and some players had to leave for 6s officials

  5. Freakie: KOLAR - .awkward said:

    Just play the last round.

  6. Freakie: KOLAR - .awkward said:

    Both teams have been given a minor warning for not playing the final rounds as per the rules. Please play the last round and submit the results as soon as possible.

  7. $neaky: (ETF2L Donator) - A51 - HOUSE said:

    https://i.imgur.com/R99bSrs.jpg Just to show results
    and status is here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=194697131

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