Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming

Division 5D

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Kriptz (Virtual Slap)



3 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Finland Mitchiri Neko vs Portugal Virtual Slap
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Mitchiri Neko (5) Deox, liferock, PIPSQUEAK, zoer36, Moon
Virtual Slap (6) trinita, Fisherman Mamadu, LasT, Johnny, Kriptz, sermaisleve
Unrostered (1) Verse


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 19 May 2013, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. JohnnyBambo: #T4F said:

    Team Hippo eSports used an unapproved merc (Verse). Therefore default win awarded to Virtual Slap. In addition team Hippo eSports will receive a minor warning for using an unapproved merc.
    If you can provide evidence that the merc was actually allowed you can of course contact an admin on IRC or use our support panel.
    Remember to use only mercs that are allowed by your opponents team.
    Chat between the two teams about the merc:

  3. zoer36: iH said:

    they approved the merc eventually, give me a few minutes to find the screenshot.

  4. zoer36: iH said:

    also, I want the stv demo please. KRIPTz is currently offline, but I asked him anyway.

  5. sermaisleve said:

    I can help if you want, here I have the logs of the game,
    you can check the whole conversation where you can conclude the reason of the default loss, we reject your merc, passed 25mints u havent proposed a new merc, insisting on using the same merc (verse), we warned that the rules could take default loss, for playing with a merc not accepted with 25 minutes passed we just wanted to play, the possibilities would get another merc, 5vs6 or default loss because u take more than 15minutes to get ready for the match


  6. yak: VNC - Gungaginga said:

    v.slap | Psycho Killer play with him wtv

    Said in chat in the game. It seems obvious zoer made a mistake when saying it so they tried to hunt for a default once they got badly beaten

  7. Psycho Killer said:

    Hmmm do you want me to copy the rest of the conversation or you just don’t know that the chat starts from the top? :)

  8. Moon said:

    >Said we could use the merc
    >get rolled on both maps
    >decide to change their minds about merc
    >admins agree with them even though we can provide screenshot

  9. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    > till the start that we said that merc wasnt allowed

    > If you read the whole chat you will understand that he said “play with him wtv”. but if you had refused to get another merc you will face the consequences for disrespecting our decision…

  10. Moon said:

    If he wasn’t allowed then why say “play with him” and continue to ready up? Sense it makes none. Don’t try to flip this just because you lost the games.

  11. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    > he said ” play with him wtv” if you read the whole chat till the beggining you will understand ( when we said more than 1 time that the merc wasnt allowed and that you could be punished for using an unnaproved merc, and passed 25 mints and you didnt presented another merc) that he said that like we didnt care anymore,but then we would inform an admin because we warned you several times.

    >Ah and we put immediately ready because the game was casted by some of our portuguese friends, and we didnt want them to wait more time.

    > Yea i lost the games, but even if i won i would inform an admin because thats not about winning or losing, that´s about respecting the enemy team.

  12. Deox: owo said:

    Ok hold on, let me put this into perspective here.

    -Yes, I understand that you most definitely have the right to deny any merc. Why you wanted to deny a div 5 medic to play in a div 5 game as Pocket is beyond me. Whether its because our leader accidentally told you div 4 which threw you off or not (which he quickly corrected himself with)

    -It’s not like we were not trying to find another merc, we were and it was very hard on a saturday night and during champions league final so it was going to take some time anyway, by which time you were complaining as we had little options so we were still trying to convince you of our original merc and it was getting late.

    -coming from a native english speaker the fact that you had said ingame to “just play with him wtv” surely is an incentive that you had given up as we did and just decided to accept and play anyway, otherwise if you had still not agreed to playing with him then you would not have readied up and played with us. If you had readied up then surely you would have accepted that we would play with him otherwise you would have not readied up by that time and we would still have to find someone else, but you didn’t and you mentioned nothing of it during the game that he shouldn’t be playing.

  13. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    > First one of our players knew the merc that you were implying, and he said that is better than div 5.

    > Well, some of our portuguese friends were casting the game, and we didnt want them to wait too much, but as you can see in the prints that i took i said that we could wait for you to get a new merc and i also denied the merc several times and your obligation was accepting our decision but you complained a lot.

    > Yeah he said that but not in that sense, he said because we were fed up of warning and denying your merc, and if you were disrespecting our decision we would report that to an admin ( even if we won because thats about respect like i said). And we readied up because the game was being casted and i didnt want them to wait more,as we understanded that you wont get a new merc, and so we didnt care more because at the final we would inform an admin.

  14. Deox: owo said:

    We were not disrespecting your decision at all, we just found it confusing that there was any reason to deny this merc in particular, if you say that he was better than div 5 then its fine it did not stop us from searching for another merc. So as I said we continued to search for a merc but were still unsuccessful by the time you had said to “just play”

    – Stating that you readied up just for some of your friends to cast is a poor excuse as it would not have affected our motive to do the same until you had said, “just play”. You readied up without mentioning that was the reason and all we saw from you ingame was that we were to “just play wtv”. And as “whatever” implies that you did not care anymore about the merc it still implies that you had to come to accept him and just wanted to get an actual match started, there is no 2 ways around the statements your team had said pregame that would suggest you still denied him by that point where you had gave up and when we were still searching for a merc.

  15. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    we didnt know if you were looking for another merc or not, but after 25 mints and you were still complaining about our decision…

    well you were looking for a merc about 25 minutes and you were still complaining about our decision we thought that you wont give up about using verse, so we didnt care about you because we warned you several times and then you would have to face the consequences of using an unnaproved merc. Ah,and if i rejected the merc several times in a chat with zoer, your duty was respecting our decision and looking immerdiately for another merc and no complaining all the time.

  16. JohnnyBambo: #T4F said:

    The default win that was given for team Virtual Slap has been removed. We think that “Play with him” is more than enough to allow a merc. Therefore team Hippo Esports didnt use an unapproved merc.
    If team VirtualSlap did not agree with the merc, they should you have refused to play and not complain afterwards.

    The original result has been reinstalled and the warning has been removed. If you have questions regarding this feel free to contact an admin.

  17. Psycho Killer said:

    For me it’s fine.

    I’m just going to try to explain one little thing: Yes, I did say “Play with him”, but you have to understand the context on wich I’m saying that. I said that you wouldnt get a default by using that “non-allowed” merc but yes a Minor Warning just because after several minutes ( around 25mins ) of waiting for the merc I went to check the General Rules relating the merc usage, and in there there was nothing mentioning a Default Loss just a proper warning.. And that was what I did. I told you that you wouldnt get a default by playing with him and even said afterwards “Go read the rules”. Then finally said that for you to play with him, receive the minor and keep on going.

    Oh and Deox two things: 1st – If we ready up, it means we are ready , which we were since all team members were on the server and prepared and yes , people were “casting” that game and starting that amount of time later is kinda shitty to this things .
    2nd – Just be more prepared for this kinda of situations, try to be sure the merc is fine and if you knew you would need it earlier, you should have notified befooooore the game time.

    Apologies for all this unnecessary drama and hope we can play again.


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