Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

Season 14 powered by Twitch

Division 3E

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by zen1th (nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte)



2 - 7

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

Italy Windjammers vs Jamaica nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte
0 - 6

SourceTV: connect pcw.gfm.tf:27020

SteamID Screenshots: A


Windjammers (5) AmebA, matrix101, Asso, rapax24, sorex
nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte (5) mayu, ryder, Shep_Cro, Hallow, zen1th
Unrostered (2) Adrenaline, dAGNER



  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 24 February 2013, 21:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. Dennia: FAINT said:

    go zen!

  3. Asso said:

    17:48 – asso_: hey
    17:48 – zen: Hey
    17:48 – asso_: we would like to use a merc tomorrow
    17:49 – zen: link to etf2l profile?
    17:49 – asso_: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/2970/
    17:50 – zen: ok that’s fine
    17:50 – asso_: thanks

  4. dAGNER: duplo said:


  5. zen1th: PRXSM - LEGO said:

    19:08 – zen: Ok how about this guy?
    19:08 – zen: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/53273/
    19:11 – asso_: hes fine

  6. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:


    please upload the demos of rapax24, sorex, zen and showzie within 72 hours. Failure to provide the demos will lead to minor warnings for your team.
    You can either use the ETF2L demo upload function or use an external filehoster and paste the link in the match comments.

    Thanks :)

  7. rapax24: aS♦ said:


  8. zen1th: PRXSM - LEGO said:

    I’m on a different continent and so I don’t have access to my demos until the 21st.

  9. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Okay. The minor warning for the missing demo be removed, if the demo is provided later. The major warning, however, can not be removed anymore. I would have made an exception, if showzie provided his demo, but neither of you did :(

    1 minor warning has been added for WindJammers for the missing demo of sorex and 2 minors and one major warning have been added for nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte for missing demos of zen and showzie and for collecting 3 minor warnings in this competition.

  10. mayu: FaZe - 9F said:

    Oh crap, i did not notice this.

  11. mayu: FaZe - 9F said:



  12. zen1th: PRXSM - LEGO said:


    Better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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