Experimental Highlander cup #2 - Low


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by walters (Dirsā Pisēji)



1 - 3

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0 - 4

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European Tenacious vs Latvia Dirsā Pisēji
0 - 6

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Tenacious (9) this is evil evil, K0rT3N MuZZeN, fraz, Retardo Mowgli, .zero, QUBE, Yannick, Fool, trouwes
Dirsā Pisēji (9) Acky, Dr.kaka6ka, GriX, lgl, Buhenvalds, jaklis, Koala, Kalvitis, walters


  1. this is evil evil said:

    Hello good sirs.

    We are available to play at 15:00 CEST. Are you available at that time? :)

  2. this is evil evil said:

    Sunday 15:00 CEST*

  3. this is evil evil said:

    Just for the record: 2Strong4Highlander rejected 15:00 CEST, and suggested the 12th of June and the 13th of June 20:00 CEST as a new time. We are investigating if we can play at that time, and will return with an udpate asap.

  4. Acky: EASY - Labi said:

    1500 CEST, I sleep during those times… :D

  5. this is evil evil said:

    Hello.. I just spoke with my team, and we have decided that we can play Sunday at 20:00 anyways.. are you still available at that time?

  6. this is evil evil said:

    We agreed on Tuesday 20:00

  7. this is evil evil said:

    Can’t see you online on steam right now. We are on the server: – msg me on steam for pw :)

  8. this is evil evil said:

    Bit mad at myself for not making sure the correct settings was loaded on our server, since we were in front 2-0. When we changed server it all went down hill for us :( Not saying it was anything to do with the server. It’s just something we have to work with as a team. Anyways, good game guys! You played well.

  9. Acky: EASY - Labi said:

    Our guys were like offline till like 5mins before match so we went in quite cold and stressed before the game started but got our punches together and that server glitch really did give us a push forward as we got warmed up and could finally start some pressure, but the game was good, enjoyed it a lot and well played by both teams, though it seemed like you were not much prepared for the 2nd map :) but gg, wp and c u around :)

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