Season 12 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 6I

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Bajirek (Left Breez misha YB`g Today, 22:41)

Default Win

CzechRepublic Left Breez misha YB`g Today, 22:41 vs European Soupy twisd!
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Left Breez misha YB`g Today, 22:41 (5) chodec, Bajirek, misha YB`g, Jango, ases1n0
Soupy twisd! (4) foxy_dave, ilenore, SnowmAn, Okki
Unrostered (3) this is evil evil, Lythiium, tomas



  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 06 May 2012, 21:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. foxy_dave: ғᴛʟ! - lolHL said:

    We can use our server

    connect;password foxy

  3. foxy_dave: ғᴛʟ! - lolHL said:

    Agreed to use of merc

  4. Bajirek said:

    1uP Bajirek: Hi
    1uP Bajirek: We havent soldier.. Can we have host?
    [ZBSM] Foxy: Please send me a link to the player
    1uP Bajirek: Wait
    1uP Bajirek:
    [ZBSM] Foxy: Yep.. It will be fine
    1uP Bajirek: thx

  5. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Hi teams,

    any chance you could upload a status screenshot in jpeg or png format?

  6. Bajirek said:

    It was upload in JPG.. I don’t know why it changed format..

  7. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention this; please use this page to add screenshots:

  8. Bajirek said:

    I converted the screenshots to png, but again it was uploaded in bmp. I don’t know what to do with this anymore.

  9. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Nothing on our end converts screenshots. The files you uploaded to zippyshare are bmp files too (you can tell by how they are huge in size and load bottom-up). Simply renaming them to .png doesn’t magically make them png files!

  10. chodec12 said:

    Heloo, i finaly did it, but i had lot of tries so sorry for too many sreenshots. I hope now its all right and next time we will be clever. Thanks for your patience.

  11. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Ah good to see you managed to do it in the end. Thanks!

    Now we can see that Soupy Twisted used two unlisted players. These players count as mercs and playing with mercs requires that your opponent allows them.

    For this reason Soupy Twisted will receive a default loss and a minor warning.

    If you can prove that these mercs were allowed, you may contact an admin on IRC to present your case and possibly have the result restored and the warning removed.

    In the future, always document your agreements on the match page; that’s what it’s here for!

  12. foxy_dave: ғᴛʟ! - lolHL said:

    Apologies, the mercs were agreed in server chat but weren’t transferred to here.

    Since the result is a 6-0 loss anyway, I won’t contest on IRC. I’ve got server logs if the issue does come up later though. Cheers!

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