Season 12 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 4B

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by alba (REVERTO)



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 2

[Screenshots: A B C ]

European Old Skool Talent vs European REVERTO
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


REVERTO (5) BaR, B0nesaw, Maffi, alba, iZon
Old Skool Talent (6) Stimpy, Yoodee, Issun, Biohazard, Dean, wipeoutwiseman
Unrostered (1) exeL


  1. Rdios: REVERTO said:


  2. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    Any clue when you can play?

  3. Alba: BM said:

    Can we play on our server? Can post the string later for ping check etc. Its located in germany

  4. DjShrew said:

    Sure, please give us the info and we will ping check.

  5. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    connect;password conwar

  6. Golden said:

    GL Rdios! :P

  7. DjShrew said:

    ‹Con› Rdios: 29th 21:15?
    ‹Con› Rdios: if your demo wont get home today :P
    IDK DjShrew: yeah should be ok.

    Sorry dean took a road trip to the beach.

  8. Leif said:


  9. omrish: FLANK said:

    bar top frags + jump all around the map like a super hero

  10. iZon: LEGO - LEGO said:


  11. alba: BM said:

    20:33 – ‹Con› Rdios: well
    20:33 – ‹Con› Rdios: you accept him?
    20:33 – IDK DjShrew: my team does’t want to coz of the renob and a few other div 3/2 teams
    20:33 – ‹Con› Rdios: :(
    20:33 – ‹Con› Rdios: sad
    20:34 – IDK DjShrew: any others?
    20:34 – ‹Con› Rdios: well not really
    20:34 – ‹Con› Rdios: seems like i will play
    20:36 – IDK DjShrew: k sure.
    20:36 – IDK DjShrew: let not be dicks he can play
    20:36 – ‹Con› Rdios: love you <3
    20:36 – IDK DjShrew: np
    20:36 – ‹Con› Rdios: lets see what happens with my ping and thanks

  12. BaR: REVERTO said:

    wp guys gpit was awesomeee!

  13. alba: BM said:

    My team missed screenshot of first round on gpit which palooka won

  14. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    so accept results pl0x.

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