Season 9

Division 5f

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by rtan (Cream of the Crop)



6 - 1

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0 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

Ireland Cream of the Crop vs European Dont Shoot the Panda
3 - 3

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Cream of the Crop (4) Skully, rtan, pizza, AngryWoebot
Dont Shoot the Panda (6) Trane, Ozku, davesan, instag1b, dodgydogman, toasty
Unrostered (2) djc, GuGu


  1. Poop: TSUN~ - [PG] said:

    Trane to rape r7an.

  2. Poop: TSUN~ - [PG] said:

    So when you playing this?

  3. A.k: Catch22 > - r7an will fold said:

    r7an is easy to bait

  4. Trane said:

    I don’t wanna rape r7an, Poop :*(

  5. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 08 May 2011, 21:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  6. Trane said:

    After speaking with Ryan yesterday, we’ve agreed to play this match next Monday (09 May). Rasta wouldn’t have their scouts available on the 8th.

    Ryan I’ve proposed 21:30 CET as Dave doesn’t get home til 8pm UK – hope that’s alright mate.

  7. dougiie: CotC said:

    s’all good Trane! cya then :)

  8. Poop: TSUN~ - [PG] said:

    Trane, i don’t give a fuck. BEAT r7an, TIE HIM UP. He folded snuke remember? TWICE

  9. Trane said:

    3 ex-snuke vs 1. I’m sure we’ll prevail :P

  10. Trane said:

    Our solly can’t make it >.< we have esl tues, any chance we can do 9pm uk on weds? otherwise we'll have to wildcard and arrange for a slightly later date

  11. dougiie: CotC said:

    myself and our medic can’t do wednesday. I have uni exams thurs/fri!

    looking like a slightly later date :)

  12. Trane said:

    No bother, we haven’t wildcarded a ETF2L yet and with only 3 matches left it shouldn’t be a prob – next week sunday/tuesday/late weds/thurs should all be fine. Take your pick.

  13. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Panda Society.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 23/05/2011.

  14. dougiie: CotC said:

    we have a default date on the 22nd, so 23rd should be fine :)

  15. r7an: -9w- said:

    Thursday this week?

  16. Trane said:

    Boys got exams atm =/

    I’ll try have a chat tonight and see what we can manage, we’re playing Vuze on Friday is there any chance you guys could do that evening and we can maybe fit both in?

  17. r7an: -9w- said:

    no chance for friday unless we do it earlyish?

  18. Trane said:

    We have ESL Sunday at 7pm uk. We may be able to play you guys after that – how are you fixed then?

  19. dougiie: CotC said:

    we can do sunday but we’ll need a scout merc as r7an and backups won’t be around… :)

  20. Trane said:

    Sent a proposal for 8:30 UK tomorrow, hope that’s alright. We can talk about mercs tomorrow but we’ll allow as long as they’re reasonable requests :)

  21. Trane said:

    i.e. same div etc

  22. dougiie: CotC said:

    our medic’s hard drive has died…………r7an is away… I might not be here

    soz lads we won’t be playing with 2/3 mercs tonight sorry :(

  23. r7an: -9w- said:

    aboo :( im back on wednesday so if paul has sorted his hd we can play then. unless thursday is easier and we can play around 9 after our audere game.

  24. dougiie: CotC said:

    wednesday should be grand, Ive got a session to go to tuesday, Im sure Paul can sort his hdd out :D

  25. Trane said:

    You suck Ryan. Weds should be alright though, I’ll let you know tonight for certain.

  26. Trane said:

    We can’t do weds. Tuesday & Friday is the best we can do for this week I’m afraid.

  27. Poop: TSUN~ - [PG] said:

    stop default hunting r7an……..

  28. r7an: -9w- said:

    fuck off you rapist cunt

  29. Skully said:

    so whats this, your now DSTP? well we’ll shoot the panda if you like ;)

  30. FILTHY said:

    Ill shoot your panda… Ill shoot your panda aaalllllllll niiiiiiiight loooongggggg baby

  31. Trane said:

    Bring it aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn.

    But yer we joined a community, too many MGO’s in our div, it’s boring.

  32. r7an: -9w- said:

    using 2 mercs I reckon

  33. Trane said:

    Mould and DJC suggested so far, both would be ok.

  34. instag1b: Panda said:

    i blame ziggy

  35. Trane said:

    STV: connect


  36. r7an: -9w- said:

    19:49 – r7an: can we use this guy?
    19:52 – DStP Trane: should be ok mate
    19:53 – r7an: cheers min

  37. r7an: -9w- said:

    ok, scratch that, they’ve disallowed him now.

  38. Trane said:

    Aye sorry, I only glanced initially cos we were in a game – but guys weren’t happy. Think we’re sorted now cos he’s gonna play med.

  39. r7an: -9w- said:

    gg wp on gully!

  40. Skully said:

    gg lads

  41. Trane said:

    GG, we capitulated on Badlands but thankfully picked ourselves up a bit :) wp.

  42. r7an: -9w- said:

    i uploaded skullys screenie instead of mine to make him get better.

  43. Skully said:

    dave pwned me :(

  44. r7an: -9w- said:

    thats when you know you have to give up tf2

  45. Skully said:

    I’ll pack my bags then

  46. r7an: -9w- said:

    :DD xx

  47. Trane said:

    Both mercs allowed btw, just to clarify

  48. flushy: P.O.P said:

    lol djc bottomfragging XD

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