Season 9

Division 5b

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Califax (Dakka, OCD Edition)



1 - 2

[Screenshots: A B C ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

Portugal Team ARA vs European Dakka, OCD Edition
0 - 6


SteamID Screenshots: A


Dakka, OCD Edition (6) mug, Coco, Califax, Cettu, Easter Bunny, Hard
Team ARA (5) Pacmano, Dentolas, skA, WTFBBQ, Vaskie
Unrostered (1) Lil


  1. Califax: dyn. said:

    Hey lads, allready forseeing some issues with our lineup in week 2, due to people going on holiday… Will try contacting you when i get home to see if we can play this in either week 1 or 3…

  2. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Can we do this next weekend (Saturday or Sunday at any time) ?
    If not, then friday would be good for us though only after 19:00 GMT

  3. Califax: dyn. said:

    Next weekend is not an option, so lets do it the 10th (last day of week2)

  4. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    We are probably going to Wildcard this match. We don’t have enough players online this weekend.

  5. Califax: dyn. said:

    As it stands now, game still happening… No wildcard.

  6. Froz3n said:

    GL ARA :D

  7. Funkadelic: [d¿s] said:

    g-g-good luck OCD bros!! ;)

  8. Califax: dyn. said:

    aяa.Vaskie we are using a merc (if you accept) will give you link now
    DAKKA Califax//OCD: ill accept the merc.

  9. Coco: [d¿s] said:

    GG guys :)

  10. mug: DakkaOCD - TH said:

    GG guyz!
    All nice folks, Skadius could do with some patience :P

  11. skadius: TF2Pickup said:

    dude , i guess is 5-1 for you because it is golden cap and u forgot to put it on the score

  12. Califax: dyn. said:

    Maybe read the rules again Skadius… ;)

    General rules: 4.4 Gravelpit and Gorge: 2-3 Rounds using ABBA format

    “Golden Cap rules do NOT apply to cp_gravelpit. Whichever team wins the map will receive 3 points in the League standings.”

  13. m2BHard: mau5. - >m2B! said:

    gg boas!

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