Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by zero (Steev)



0 - 4

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4 - 5

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Russia Leprosorium Highlander vs European Steev
0 - 6

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Steev (7) FM, SquatingBear, Ferocity, gauss, Tawmo, Bubbles, zero
Leprosorium Highlander (8) Valion, Nanokomi, [email protected], DimaS-Glok, qazqazqaz, Kampfer, JekPot, end0
Unrostered (1) GodMode


  • Steev [Minor] Special kind of rule break (1st time) - see match comment for explanation


  1. zeizZ: Steev said:

    sorry guys
    we cant play friday
    sometime on saturday?

  2. zeizZ: Steev said:

    i have added three of your leaders, and none of them have accepted. One has been online all day, we need to try and reschedule the match.

  3. Valion: [x] said:

    Sorry for not checking befriending on my steam client, I’m not playing much steam games atm.

    So when do you wish to play?
    It may be possible for us to reschedule the match to Saturday or Sunday… somewhere around 1900 – 2100 CET

  4. Valion: [x] said:

    Few comments before verifying results. Think I’ll approve it anyway, cause our team became too lazy to participate in this challenge, but I still want some feedback for statements below.
    1) Tell about mercs beforehand, this should help you to avoid ugly arguments about getting yourself a div 5 player as a sniper, thus breaking rules set for this community challenge. It’s not like that changed things a lot overall, but your sniper sure gave us a lot of frustration. I’m disappointed to see he was a merc and shouldn’t theoretically even participate if he wanted to :/
    2) The whole thing about moving the match to the weekend was like a joke. First you tell us you couldn’t play, so we’ve talked about it with our team, and decided to play it at saturday which you even proposed to us with a challenge. Something bugged me when zeizZ went to talk about that with you lot, but I’ve still rechallenged you for 2000 CET Sat instead of your 1930 proposal (if I’d waited out a bit, I would have just approved your challenge for Saturday after he went on about you still willing to play on Friday (surprise!)). That way zeizZ wouldn’t have to say sorry about his indecisive team, and we’d be able to play with our regular heavy, medic and scout as they were said there won’t be a match on friday, but that is totally unrelated story about how being good guys and trying to find a compromise goes all the way to failing at things.
    PS the results for this challenge for maps like cp_badwater and cp_steel are entered as described in http://etf2l.org/high/highlander-faq/#12, i.e. for steel our result will still be 0-4, not 4-5.

  5. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    GodMode was used as a buddy replacement, therefore everything went according to the rules.

  6. Valion: [x] said:

    Nice to see LA response in the thread for one little match from the vast number of all community challenge play-offs. GJ to all you admins! (no irony here, I am really impressed that ETF2L took spreading the competitive playstyle throughout the community onto her shoulders :) )
    However CanFo, as I am generally stupid and inattentive, please kindly point me directly to the rule covering using _buddy replacements_, without opponent agreement (not that it matters, but rule 2.1.8 says that anyone can play anything if opponent agrees), as a _sniper_ class. Do you mean, that while buddy himself cannot play sniper, for _buddy replacement_ it is possible? Rule 2.1.7 for Community Highlander Challenge kinda states something different.
    I’m not whining about losing, as I myself played TF2 2-3 times for the last two months, including two matches for this challenge, so I am in no place to cry, but it could be much more interesting match if we could play with our primary roster. So I’ve just thought I’d bring some fairplay and sticking-to-the-rules discussion here.

  7. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    That must have slipped my mind :]
    A buddy replacement has, of course, stick to the buddy classes. He was not allowed to play sniper.
    If you want to continue the discussion poke us on IRC please. I am not regularly watching this match page ;-)

  8. Valion: [x] said:

    Well, a warning is enough, I think :)
    Whatever, it was a very nice and solid game from Steev, gratz on advancing to the next round.

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