Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ParanoidDrone (Team Overclocked Remix)



0 - 4

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4 - 2

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0 - 3

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International [xSWATx] vs UnitedStates Team Overclocked Remix
3 - 6

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Team Overclocked Remix (6) XeroZohar, bonzai, gaunt, ParanoidDrone, barkman, jakajaka janjan
[xSWATx] (8) depul, thejcs, Strax, Murd3rz, ricci, Ota, Luke!, Starscre4M


  1. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    After consulting with some other team members, it looks like the best time for us will be Sunday, November 14 after 9:00 PM Eastern time. I’m not sure what this translates to in your time zone(s). Does your team have any preference?

    In addition, we have our own server with the appropriate league configs on it, located in Texas, that we can use.

  2. Ota: r. said:

    That time translates to 00:00 over here, so that’s undoable. We could probably do 6:30PM eastern, or even the default etf2l time.

    About the servers, we have a server here as well, and seeing as the event is european based, north and south america would have no preference as too where the match would be played. So my guess is the fairest way of doing this is one match in each server and then throwing a virtual coin to decide where a 3rd match would take place if it comes to it. Or all matches in an euro server where both pings would be aproximately the same.

  3. Ota: r. said:

    Let’s work on the time, but i just saw the dates, so next week on the 21st would be ideal.

  4. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Monday, 22 November 2010, 02:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  5. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Be sure to upload the result immediately after playing.

  6. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    I don’t suppose anyone knows a European server we can use? No idea what the proper channels are to request one from the league.

  7. Ota: r. said:

    I got no idea :(

  8. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:


  9. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    Okay, so here’s the deal.

    Contrary to my initial assumptions, a significant proportion of our team is unavailable for the time you proposed. (5:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM Brazilian) Due to the limited time left to coordinate additional schedule changes, the consensus has been to remain with the default time given to us. (8:30 PM EST, 11:30 PM Brazilian) I know this is inconvenient for your team, to put it lightly, but I see no alternative.

    Regarding the server, we have so far been unable to acquire the IP address of a European server we can use for the match. Therefore, we believe the best solution to be the one proposed already — for us to play one match on our server and one on yours. However, there is still the issue of which server for us to start on.

    The plan is for our team to congregate at our own server at (password: ocrscrim) 15 minutes prior to the scheduled match time. This way, we can be ready in time for the match and be able to move to your own server en masse if necessary. Please discuss this with the rest of your team and decide which server you wish to start on, and post the decision here along with your server details so we can get this sorted out.

  10. LumpyLemons: [OCR] said:

    That means xSWATx comes to that server first, right? Then we’ll move if needed?

    Ota, if you aren’t okay with this, then try to post saying so and post the IP address and password of the server you would prefer before 8:15pm. (11:15pm your time?)

  11. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    Lumpy, if we don’t receive alternate server details, then I see no other option than to simply default to our own.

  12. ParanoidDrone: [OCR] said:

    Good game everyone.

  13. Peter Mansbridge: [IB] said:

    Great job OCR. We were scared about the prospect of playing a Euro team in an NA bracket :P

  14. Starscre4M said:


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