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Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 181


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

UnitedStates Addiction to Gaming vs UnitedStates Butt Raping Homos
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Butt Raping Homos (6) drpeppper, Nintova, Molotov<3, twelfthzoey, Turduckin, Ranch Dip
Addiction to Gaming (8) Newman, bacon lord goose, AndyADD, Crackers, pretendica, hulkvsspawn, Havox, t1ns
Unrostered (3) maybe harmless, Ruskeydoo, Wookeh


  1. kchaos said:

    OMG…. we can set ths up finally….

    so are we talking about a sunday again or sat again? i doubt that we could be ready this weekend.

  2. Magus: [ATG] said:

    Hey, I’ll probably let pretendica set this up, cause he does it best, but I’ll let everyone on our site know that scheduling is now available.

  3. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Let’s see if we can do it next Sunday. Around 3 CST… What do you guys say?

  4. kchaos said:

    we will talk to team.

  5. kchaos said:

    the time works. please set up the challenge since i am not using a phone at the moment. we will confirm.

    whos server? our is ready 24/7 and is in chaicago. all it does is highlander.

  6. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    We can use our server, it’s already set up for the Challenge. It is also in Chicago.

  7. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Just to be clear, we are going to play at 3 PM CST? Or are we playing at the time listed? I hate going by the European time zones. Let’s just agree to use CST or Chicago time zone. If we go by the time listed, we are suppose to play at 8:30. That is not a good time for our team.

  8. Nintova: [⊙▂⊙ ]☞ εїз said:

    That is the same as 1pm PST right? That’s what time I’ve been telling my team were playing.

  9. pretendica: [ATG] said:

    Whew, yes. I was a lil worried there for a second, but it’s all good now.

    The IP for our server is:
    password: atg123

  10. Nintova: [⊙▂⊙ ]☞ εїз said:

    See you guys tomorrow on your server, 1PM PST/3PMCST!

  11. Nintova: [⊙▂⊙ ]☞ εїз said:

    11/7 1PM PST/3PM CST

  12. Newman: [ATG] said:

    Great matches everyone. I have submitted the results, at least I think I did. Let us know if they don’t show up and I’ll take a look.

  13. Newman: [ATG] said:

    Great matches everyone. I have submitted the results, at least I think I did. Let us know if they don’t show up and I’ll take a look.

  14. RaCio: GoT² said:

    The match deadline for the playoffs have passed.

    If you have already played this match please enter a result asap or a coinflip win will be given.

  15. Newman: [ATG] said:

    I’m guessing that means the results I submitted yesterday did not go through, I’ll have to take a look after work.

  16. kchaos said:

    i am talking to an admin. to make sure you guys dont get introuble.

  17. Magus: [ATG] said:

    Thank you very much kchaos. I was pretty confused when we got this email this morning.

  18. Newman: [ATG] said:

    The site was down any time I checked once I got home last night. Kinda wish I could still submit those results just for completion.

  19. Uncle Taxi: [⊙▂⊙ ]☞ εїз said:

    Really default loss?

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