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Division 6g

Week 8

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

European Depth Gaming vs European Yikes!
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Yikes! (6) ijswezel, Mort, Henchie, Tommy the Cat, Colt., BoneS
Depth Gaming (3) jibs, King.House©®℗™, Crake
Unrostered (3) letku, Maniekz0r, abbe


  1. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Hey m8,want to play on Sunday 5th at 21:00 cet

  2. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    So can you play on this date or not m8?

  3. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Okay,so when can you play.Already got matches for this week so it needs to be Sunday 12th or later.No earlier that 20:30 cet on a weekday but flexible on Sundays.

  4. octane.: fest - #wubafan said:

    sorry for being so late, been ill these past few days

    i think 21 cet on the 18th would be great for us, i doubt we can make any day before that because a lot of us have exams on inbetween weekends

  5. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Ah,we cant do Saturdays m8 but Sunday the 19th at 21:00cet would be okay with us

  6. octane.: fest - #wubafan said:

    how about the 17th? i’m not too sure if we can make sunday

  7. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 12 December 2010, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  8. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Hey m8.One of our soldiers cant make Sunday.Any chance we can move this to Wednesday 15th

  9. humbug: .:ne:. said:

    source tv relay on


  10. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    gg’s m8.sry about all the other stuff.Hope to play you again sometime

  11. Boeuf: Dawson said:

    was alot of fun playing this. Pyro powa ^^

  12. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Just thought i would put the record straight as to ne gold not wanting to play gc.We would have played the same night but depth game couldn’t.Because of this they said they would default map to gold.Obviously they didn’t do this.Dont know why but this will be the last time I verify a result on trust alone.
    The following is a steam conversation I had with octane.
    21:51 – octane: hm actually
    21:51 – octane: since we were so late
    21:51 – octane: you can have the golden cap win
    21:51 – octane: 4-2, right?
    21:51 – .:ne:.Henchie: let mr check with admin if we need gc
    21:52 – octane: ok i’m afk for 10
    21:52 – .:ne:.Henchie: np
    21:57 – .:ne:.Henchie: ok m8.There is golden cap.If you want to give us map 4-2 just say in the match report
    octane is now Away.
    21:57 – .:ne:.Henchie: sry bout this.thought gc was stopwatch only
    22:07 – .:ne:.Henchie: and it would have to be 4-3 golden cap win
    octane is now Online.
    22:08 – octane: well we can’t play for gc right now
    22:08 – octane: if you want to play for it sometime this weekend, then that’d be fine
    22:08 – octane: if you don’t have time then we can just give it to you
    22:08 – octane: your call

  13. King.House©®: fest - #wubafan said:

    sry guys it was my fault, you win the golden cap.

  14. Henchie: .:ne:. said:

    Okay m8.These things happen.Sry ’bout the default win.Wasn’t my intention

  15. Boeuf: Dawson said:

    I have no idea what all this is about, but it makes me sad D:

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