ETF2L AFS Season 2010

Division 3d

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic vs Netherlands FakkelBrigade Green
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


International Secret Intelligence Servic (4) Galant, Recluse, hamster^, dannye
FakkelBrigade Green (3) Shampoo, Mitt Romney, Major Malfunction
Unrostered (5) irfx, Edd, HeZ, RaCio, crzfst


  • FakkelBrigade Green [Minor] Special kind of rule break (1st time) - see match comment for explanation


  1. Miaouss: Six said:

    Hello there dudes!
    We’d like to play this asap, before the end of the week if possible please, most of our players go on holidays during August.
    We can play tonight, tomorrow evening (with mercs) and mayyyybe sunday (I’m going to try but not sure), after that we’re mostly out.
    Please accept my friend request so we can discuss this and play it. Wouldn’t want a default during AFS, what’s the point? :D

  2. Galant: candy - Autism said:

    n0va, Racio and crzfst are ok as mercs for FB.

  3. Miaouss: Six said:

    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: seems WE CAN!
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: 2 mercs :)
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: YEAH
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: :D
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: who are they?
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: so I can post their name and say we accept them on the matchpage
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: demo:
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: we accept the demo
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: k
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: now searching a scout
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: we’re in a bit of a turmoil over here
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: we have 3 mercs
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: 2 trialers and a merc
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: because our medic doesn’t pick the phone up
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: ah he picked it up
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: hope is not gone
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: x)
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: scout:
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: accepted
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: ok
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: for now we have
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: (don’t have the etf2l links)
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: how? :)
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: players must be on ETF2L…
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: yeah but
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: I mean I’m ingame
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: wait a sec
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: Fixture proposal successfully entered.
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: please confirm the match
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: if our medic doesn’t wake up
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens:
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: medic: crzfst from empathy
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: medic – ok
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: soldier:
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: racio from got1
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: soldier:
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: n0va from twisted play
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: racio – ok
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: n0va – ok
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: thank you then
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: I’m confirming the match on the matchpage
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: confirm time and go go
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: 21.05
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: connect; password pcw
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: country?
    RAGE`Galant CAN MERC: .nl
    [FB] Miaouss Mighty-Mittens: ok coming

    Long story short, every merc are accepted, we’re going to play tonight on RAGE’s server.
    HF GL

  4. Galant: candy - Autism said:


  5. Recluse: ✓✓✓ - TD. said:


  6. Dani: cb. said:


  7. n0va: T2P said:

    gg funny result :)

  8. Shampoo: o5. - STACK said:

    gg l

  9. irfy: EPA said:

    Yep, funny result, cause your heavy raped us on gully, it was legendary!

  10. 7alfa: Epsilon said:

    Default win…

    Nice fairplay

  11. Swifty: ξ(゜ヮ゜)ξ said:

    ummm? rule 3.5 is:” 3.5 No mercs allowed unless your opponent agrees

    You are not allowed to use a merc (player that is not on your lineup) at any time of a match unless your opponent agreed to it. If you do not have enough players for a scheduled match and want to use a merc then make sure you contact the opponent in time. If the opponent agrees (they do not have to) then make sure you write a log of the agreement in the match comments. All mercs have to be registered on etf2l. Teams caught using an unauthorized merc will receive a default loss and a warning.”

    Theres no mention of merc limit in 3.5 :p Maybe you meant another rule number? And how did get away without getting a minor warning then? (yes i realise its a cup but its still 6v6. No mention to there being a difference between the amount of mercs allowed with a cup game or a league game.)

    Just wondering :D

  12. honeymustard: Phase said:

    Uh oh!

  13. Extremer said:

    Yeah, give us a minor warning in an actual league for playing with 5 mercs in a fun one-night cup.

  14. ups said:


    although it’s not relevant since this tournament is for shits and giggles

  15. r7an: -9w- said:

    UPS that would imply you could only have one merc. Don’t think that rule relates to mercs.

  16. ups said:

    And now read the full rule, r7an

    This match page just got popular o_O

  17. ups said:

    *the whole rule

  18. r7an: -9w- said:

    Seems I just read the “contents page” if you will, my bad! :D

  19. Chris: (0v0) said:


  20. Swifty: ξ(゜ヮ゜)ξ said:

    Im not asking to give idk a warning now batman, im asking why they didn’t get one during that cup? are there specific rules that cup that allowed the number of mercs to be above 2? I’m just asking!

  21. Miaouss: Six said:

    Not like I care about scores especially since it’s AFS, but yeah since it’s AFS, why would you give out default losses for played matches? Re-match it at the very least, this was scheduled at the last possible moment and we weren’t aware of that rule, opponents even agreed on the number of mercs. Whatever…

    Plus we had RaCio playing this and he didn’t warn us about the rule, I blame him, RESIGN FROM THE ADMIN TEAM RACIO!!! :D

  22. Dani: cb. said:

    i lol’d @ last post :D

  23. Chelch: -[MG-C]- said:

    Swifty, maybe its because the point of that cup was to see how that map works when people play it, not so that people can get defaults and win.

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