6v6 Ladder 2010

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by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

Ukraine X-SHOT vs International Who Dares... Grins
0 - 1


  1. RIDDICX said:

    our server –

    pass – ask cl and zcl


  2. Chaos: SCG said:

    (=WDG=) Chaos: hey
    Explosive keg: ?
    Explosive keg: hi
    (=WDG=) Chaos: do you mind if we use a merc or 2 tonight?
    (=WDG=) Chaos: it will be hard for us to get 6 WDG players
    Explosive keg: why?
    (=WDG=) Chaos: everybody is at work or college
    (=WDG=) Chaos: I didn’t know when I accpeted match
    Explosive keg: okay…….
    (=WDG=) Chaos: :)
    (=WDG=) Chaos: tyvm

  3. RIDDICX said:

    Sorry, today we cannot play :( Can we will transfer on Monday 19?
    I sent you Schedule proposal.

  4. Chaos: SCG said:

    XS # RIDDICX: hi
    (=WDG=) Chaos: hi
    XS # RIDDICX: sorry, but we can’t play today:(
    (=WDG=) Chaos: really?
    XS # RIDDICX: we have 3 offline:(
    (=WDG=) Chaos: it’s in 45 mins
    (=WDG=) Chaos: you can use 2 mercs too
    XS # RIDDICX: sorry, but we dont use mercs
    (=WDG=) Chaos: then we default
    (=WDG=) Chaos: I worked very hard to get the team together
    (=WDG=) Chaos: sorry
    (=WDG=) Chaos: can you pls post on the match page that you cannot play
    XS # RIDDICX: alredy poted
    XS # RIDDICX: posted
    (=WDG=) Chaos: kk ty

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