ETF2L 5th Cup

Round 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by psunfragga (Team Infused)



4 - 16

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0 - 5

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European elemental violence vs European Team Infused
0 - 2

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Team Infused (5) Tom [email protected], Santa, psunfragga, Retsh0ck, macman
elemental violence (4) WARHURYEAH, toogyboogy, Ace, Shrike410
Unrostered (3) mrwhizz, torden, Datenshi


  1. psunfragga: cc// said:

    Hi, we would like to play this week. We are available Tuesday 20 + 21:15 CET, Weds 20CET, Thurs 20CET + 21:15 CET, Sun 20CET so no excuses to avoid us especially as half of you are on my friends list!

  2. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    Saying that we will avoid you isn’t a nice greeting :'(

    Anyway, Tuesdays and Thursday we cannot do as our demoman think he can be a footballer.

    I’d have loved to do this Wednesday but our medic is busy being a norweeeegian and think he can be a rockstar with his band.

    So it would have to be this Sunday, however we have an option of getting another medic for this Wednesday so we could play then, I will try and find out by tonight to see if this is possible, I doubt it but I’d prefer to play it on Wednesday so we can use sunday for our next official.

  3. leetspleet said:

    lets do it fair and easy. COIN FLIP!!!! :D?

  4. Tom [email protected]: cc// said:

    okay, play wednesday 10th 20cet then, because we have other ETF2L league commitments.

    you can use a merc medic from your division if needed. :)

  5. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    Well we’d prefer to play on Sunday if that means we get our medic, I don’t paticularly want to play with a div6 medic tbh.

    Also our backup hasnt been online for 5 days so it looks doubtfull for Wednesday :(

  6. psunfragga: cc// said:

    Our issue is we’ve given you dates to be played within the week of the 5th cup – our week next week will be impossible to schedule you in. Of the 6 dates available this week and the inclusion of playing with a merc, it’s pretty fair to say we’re being very lenient with it. Please speak to your team and sort out playing this week before Sunday. It is normal to play with a medic from your division/back up when you cannot field 6 people.

  7. psunfragga: cc// said:

    If it is really such an issue to play with a merc from your division, add me to steam friends and agree a merc with me.

  8. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Hi guys,

    What is stopping the match from being played on any day of next week?

  9. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    Just because we are in div6 doesnt’ mean we are at the skill level of div6, we’d much prefer to play with a medic who has bags of experience playing in our team or one that has loads of experience with another, our medic is mid-/mid and carries us each and every game.

    And like I said I agreed that we can do next sunday, but I wanted to see if we can do this Wednesday providing that we get a good medic, I never mentioned anything to do with playing the week after because quite frankly we cannot either.

    You may have the attitude of “lol another 5-0 5-0 to us” but we actually want to try, whether we get beaten or not, be it 5-0 5-0 or otherwise we actually want to try and we aren’t going to bother if we can’t field a strong team, I’d prefer to lose 5-0 in 30 minutes than 5-0 in 10, whether we do or not doesn’t bother us but we don’t want it to be a waste of our time.

  10. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    Also, D2M there is nothing stopping this match being played this week, I was mearly trying to do them a favour and get it out of the way early in the week if it was possible for me to do so.

  11. psunfragga: cc// said:

    lol @ your attitude! I’ve given you dates, times and the possibility to use a merc. Stop crying over it, stop being a drama queen and just play!

  12. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:


    No my question related to next week. It seems Crack Clan are being really forceful about the game being played this week. I was curious as to why it could not be played next week (15th-21st)

  13. BvD: flowerpower/ said:

    Afaik we just want to play this as soon as possible to we stay away from that default win and that eventual coin flip. We want to play this game fair and square

  14. psunfragga: cc// said:

    I’ve been trying to contact you D2M on irc – next week we have 3 officials lined up for ETF2L, the amount of days free we have to play this game is far far far less than this week.

    After being contacted by some members on ev. stating hopes of a coin toss we want to avoid this situation at all costs. To do this, it would be better to play this week.

    Funny how you can play pcws, but not this cup!

  15. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Yeah, I had a busy evening sorry :)

    Psunfragga – I see you have an ETF2L match next week on Tuesday, but I can’t see the other 2 that you say are next week? Maybe we have some invisible matches :D

    Anyway, both teams have stated they can play this Sunday, so try then!?!

    I only commented in the first place as I noticed on the ‘recent comments’ section in the back-end of the ETF2L site, Psunfragga had posted a message that seemed a little angry.

    Good luck with your match.

  16. psunfragga: cc// said:

    Please check again: Sunday – Sunday. We’d rather play the maps set for the officials on sunday than to go official – official, I’m sure you’ll understand this from your own team. It’s frustrating to be told by players in their team they want to go for a default win, then to be told we’re elitist out of no where.

  17. Head Hunter: pars said:

    I know you have stated that you can discuss who the merc will be. But it is kind of unfair making the lowest div remainding cup team play with a div 6 merc agaisnt the likes of div 2; if it does come to that. Good luck to both teams. Well done e.v, chuffed you made it to the 4th round, even if it was due to some luck. And yes i am still alive :D

  18. psunfragga: cc// said:

    its a merc from your div, and upon this i have gone so far as to say its fine to just add me to make sure whoever you pick in the end (be it from your div or w/e) will be okay in the night so we’re not going to spend 40 mins messing around on a server in a pissing contest.

  19. BvD: flowerpower/ said:

    D2M we have ETF2L week3 and week4 on the 14th and the 16th next week. Plus 5th Cup makes it three. We only have three days for officials because of me being away two nights, and there’s WPTF2L and ESL to play aswell. And as Psunfragga said there’s players from this team saying they want to drag a default win out of this. We want to play it fair and square and if we not push it that’s not going to happen.

  20. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    Please tell me who has said we want to 100% deffinatly just get a coinflip out of this.

    I will punch them in the appropriate areas.

    I had only jokingly said to someone in my team about the cointoss, but you don’t know him.

    Our team can only really play one day for matches a week, which is on the Sunday at it has to be at 8CET as some of have to go around 9:30CET, we have this Sunday free as I am wildcarding a fixture for a later date, so we can get this out of the way and not go to the cointoss.

    We never nor will ever support a game going default or cointoss, our team and Impressive were both unaware that an un-scheduled game goes to cointoss, which is why when it came to arranging the game, it was a rather halfarsed attempt, I just thought it was default date which couldn’t be moved etc. What the Impressive people thought I dunno, but they only started taking the fixture seriously when they lost the cointoss which led to me recieving Russian fury…

    So basically we can play this game on Sunday at 8CET, this means that if it starts at that time we will all be able to stay for the whole game, unless we hold you for 3 maps which is unlikely but still.

    I understand your busy schedule but you need to understand that this team quite simply has no schedule, Sunday is the only day that all of our members are online and able to play for over an hour, other days someone always has to leave for study/food/sleep/arse picking/rage/cba.

    tl;dr: Wildcarded Sunday’s game, we can play then at 8CET. And punishment for those in my team that wanted cointoss.

  21. psunfragga: cc// said:

    I’ve scheduled 19cet – please check with your teammates. You’re making us bend enough to one day.

  22. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    “Tuesday 20 + 21:15 CET, Weds 20CET, Thurs 20CET + 21:15 CET, Sun 20CET”

    I will quickly check, but it should be no problem, we can diffinatly do 8CET 100% unless it’s a hassle for you, but it should be ok unless cat HAS to fucking eat dinner some way through it but idc.

  23. psunfragga: cc// said:

    You repeatedly fail to understand that since the date of posting sunday being available, it became unavailable – quoting it won’t change things.

    19:31 – ev.Shrike410: ok so we try to play today
    19:31 – ev.Shrike410: both have subs allowed
    19:32 – ev.Shrike410: if we can’t you get the def win and we play a pcw sometime
    19:32 – Psunfragga! //kmc: Thats fine, please tell me who your sub is before the game and as soon as you know you can’t play then please tell me so some people can go to bed.

    23CET Tonight

  24. kaidus: 7 - WiK? said:

    stv plesae. epic show down of ultimate hate going down tonight!

  25. Ace said:

    “Your medic has epic binds!” <3

  26. WARRRRRRRRRRRR: autistic said:

    I accidentaly put it down as an STV demo -_-

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