Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 5j

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by fjord (Talents are Rare)



2 - 3

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0 - 2

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Israel Division Of Justice vs Germany Talents are Rare
0 - 6

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Talents are Rare (6) fjord, AlCoHoLiXx, Bubschen!!!, S34N, Phew, xerxes
Division Of Justice (6) SatlanNumberOne, Antirox, Drunkz, c4rl, Swaii, apolo3


  1. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    Hey Guys, which days are you available to play?

  2. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    Tuesday or Wednesday … if there is no match to this two dates on your site we maybe can also do it on Monday.

  3. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    ok, what do u think about Tuesday 30/03/2010 at 20:00 CET?

  4. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    we’d like to warm up before we play an official: Can we make it 20.30 CET or at least 20.15 CET?

    If you can make it 20.30 CET just propose the date.


  5. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    I don’t think we would have problem with that, i will talk with my team and will propose the date.

  6. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    ok u just need to accept it.

  7. beNa: addict! said:

    gl Doj :)

  8. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    Hey there,

    our serveris located in germany the ip is the folowing one:

    Please check your ping and confirm that we can play on our server.
    We would prefer our server cause there is a stv on it with more than 10 slots.
    If you can not agree to our server please post your server ip so that we can check your server as well.


  9. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    lol. I think you willneed also the password.

    connect; password tarwar

    cu there.

  10. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    we got 150-200 ping in your server.
    we have our own Germany server from n1ping where we get our best ping 80-120 ping.

    ip pass is:
    connect ;password clanwar

  11. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    gg … very close on granary … you played better every second after the 2:0 … hf gl in the future

  12. SatlanNumberOne: Doj. said:

    thx guys, that was very good game :)
    good luck

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