Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 3b

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by The8thMusketeer (Fragmative )



0 - 5

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0 - 2

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Germany | oldschool vs European Fragmative
0 - 6

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Fragmative (6) Dekken, Landazar, Agent 0, The8thMusketeer, Stew, Nortan | oldschool (5) brt, BluEskY, vanHunt, dietschey, marci
Unrostered (1) electrizzity


  1. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Guys are you free the 4th of April Sunday 21:00 CET ?

  2. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Actually we can’t play on the 4th. Can you guys make it on the 1st of April ?

  3. BluEskY: TFP| - said:

    Hey there guys!

    I checked with my mates about possible Match-Dates. Here its what it is.:

    We would prefer the 06.04.10 and unfortunately we got 2 Mates working shifts and during that week its only possible for us to start like 19:45 at best to be finished 21:00 since our medic has to work then.
    Another possible Date would be 11.04.10. Iam not sure yet but I think we can play also later that date something until 20:30 match-start would be okay.

    We really can’t play earlier than 06.04.10 because of the easter-holidays.

    Maybe 30.03.10 & 31.03.10 could be a possibility but I don’t know it yet.

  4. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    Hey there.

    It would be great if we play the match after the easter-holidays.
    The 11.04.10 date is not good for us because we will probably play Week 8 then.
    Is 08.04.10 21:00 CET ok for you ?

  5. BluEskY: TFP| - said:

    We need a merc for tonight.

    Do you guys allow him ? please confirm.

  6. The8thMusketeer: fm said:

    OK for the merc.

  7. Hender said:

    stv ?

  8. Stew said:

    GG guys… Good luck in further matches.

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