Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 1

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by skinnie (TCM Gaming)



2 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]

European TCM Gaming vs European Relic
1 - 4


SteamID Screenshots: A


TCM Gaming (5) Springer, zerox, skinnie, Haunter, Coinz
Relic (5) agron, ryb, bybzii, Rebeli, Darn
Unrostered (3) byte, Evil, MeeB


  1. skinnie: TCM said:

    don’t think we can play this week or next week because of byte/zrx/coinz being unav

    what about tues 13/4 or thurs 15/4

  2. Danzeru: Royal` - MAD said:

    Match of the season!

  3. fAiry: D.A - boys said:

    THE CHAMPIONS MATCH, mahfuckah

  4. deny said:

    ;) cp_gorge is awsome for this match!

    stv for sure!!!!

  5. Knolly said:


  6. Froz3n.pT said:

    Good Luck TCM ;)

  7. Desler said:

    I need meat on granary ;)

  8. Lord_of_DooM said:

    hey guys, i wanted ask if we can cast this game per Livestream :) Maybe on of you can add me in steam.
    last but not least: hf and gl for you

  9. sc0pe said:

    gl guys ;)

  10. thunder: NTeam said:

    stv demos? :]

  11. Vaskituh said:

    TCM, Cyber Punkz and Karma are with you ! :D

  12. huhystah said:

    who won?

  13. pala4 said:

    nice game, wp )
    dig 4-1 tcm
    2-2 gran 2-0 gorge

  14. green# said:

    dignitas won

  15. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

  16. iharhajster said:

    why did springer jump down to last point when attacking last point of the last round in the last minute when deploying kritz to be killed by sg?

    mystery about what was, apart from that, a very nice match.

  17. Lagitech said:

    Why this matche’s results aren’t shown?

  18. Lagitech said:

    Sry for typo, match’s

  19. JimmyBreeze: k^m said:

    Neither team has submitted the results yet. The scores were Granary 2-2, Gorge 2-0 to Dignitas

  20. skinnie: TCM said:

    dignitas never heard of the winner-fills-in-results rule

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