Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 1

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by F2 (Epsilon eSports)



3 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]

European Epsilon eSports vs Netherlands FakkelBrigade
6 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A


FakkelBrigade (6) Fisshu, LoopeR, drleånn, Arie, Exfane, Mirelin
Epsilon eSports (6) wai, Extremer, Shintaz, cubeth, Jh, F2
Unrostered (1) MeeB


  1. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Shiiit, this is gonna be tense! If FB doesn’t take home at least 1 point idk? is the Season 8 Div1 champion :D

  2. DouGie: CotC said:

    huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge game!

  3. techtron said:

    idk the champions!

  4. Macisum: YOYO\' - syster said:

    This is sure gonna be epic :D

  5. 682 said: will be able to cover this :)

  6. sno: UbeR | - itsallgood said:

    Good luck, both of you :)

  7. Shintaz: TEZC - MONSTERFRAGGEN said:

    im scared

  8. Chris: (0v0) said:

    gogo fb, let’s have another confirmist season with dignitas winning please, change is too much for me to handle

  9. Vdp: :> said:

    Vote for change, vote for idk? :p

  10. Swifty: ξ(゜ヮ゜)ξ said:

    gwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaannnnn idk!

  11. Taoism said:

    idk for the season win, extremer ftw

  12. beNa: addict! said:


  13. Omen said:

    go, go idk?

  14. NeuTronas said:

    Good luck idk?!

  15. maG :3 said:


  16. Camel said:

    good luck idk?

  17. Gaile: fap said:

    go idk!

  18. St1nger said:

    any stv?

  19. metalpiss said:

    Jh will dominate Gorge!
    STV is according to vanillatf2.

  20. Morty: RG said:

    idk? won <333333

  21. beNa: addict! said:

    nice game

  22. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    congratulation for finishing 1st!

  23. Sider said:

    GG IDK!

  24. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Grats idk?!, well deserved! :D

  25. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

  26. Slick: Epsilon said:

  27. Extremer said:

    fisshu m8

  28. techtron said:

    go go go idk the champions!

  29. HaXxorIzed: slp said:

    Grats idk ^_^

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