6v6 Ladder 2010

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Spain ironSharks Gaming vs International Who Dares... Grins
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ironSharks Gaming (6) Lestyan, eviLRaptor, Rapture, kur0, Popet, kWi
Unrostered (6) sXs, Persimmon, 1ke, marcha, apple, Stefon


  1. Chaos: SCG said:

    Who do I add to get this sorted out?

    Would like to play before Season 7 starts please :)

  2. Thanatos said:

    Hello there, Evil will not be around tonight so you can contact me if you want to get this arranged :P

    Anyway you can leave a msg here with the days you are free.


  3. Ladder Challenge said:

    Match Reminder
    This challenge was accepted more than 7 days ago. You must play this game before 18/02/2010 or both teams will automatically incur a 5 point penalty. Penalty points will be removed upon completion of this match. Please schedule and play this game as soon as possible

  4. Ladder Challenge said:

    Match Reminder
    This challenge was accepted more than 14 days ago as such a 5 point penalty has been applied to both teams. If the match is played the penalty points will be removed. If one team has been reluctant to schedule the game then the other team may apply for a default win.

  5. Popet: Deimos said:

    we should not play this match,i think the other team has no interest on playing it neither so please post it also and i’ll send a msg to an admin to cancel the match ok?

  6. Junta: (=WDG=) - (=WDG=) said:

    Checking this out with our war arranger now.

  7. Popet: Deimos said:

    did you checked out?

  8. Chaos: SCG said:

    I’ll tell an admin to cancel this match. Sorry for leaving it so long.

  9. Chaos: SCG said:

    lol d2m

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