Season 4

Division 3b

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Zoryin (essentiaL !)



3 - 1

[Screenshots: A B ]



7 - 5

[Screenshots: A B ]

France essentiaL ! vs Germany IsF
6 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A


essentiaL ! (6) SpykyOne, Zoryin, Piet, ReD, Stimpack, b_noit
IsF (6) Punssia, Spary, demsii, FireStorm, Mrf, zodiak


  1. crz: T4F said:

    comments are gone… still checking about jan 19th

  2. Stimpack: pck.` said:

    It’s fine for my team, 21:00 cet or 22:00 cet. Not before or after cause we cant.

  3. zodiak said:

    Guys i am sorry, but we have to find another place and time to set up the match!
    I changed it up to 22.01 for now!

    There are personal points by us why we cant play, so it would be nice if we could get in touch to find another date this week! 22.01 would fit for us!

    I will also contact you @ IRC #wL.Tf2 … if you search me my BNC is 24/7 there and msgs will be read if i am not there every morning ;)

    Otherwise contact me pls via Steam -> [email protected]


  4. Stimpack: pck.` said:

    Can u play ? I saw Kevnx quit ur team, so can u play ?^^

  5. Demourge: EPA said:

    jop. :)

  6. Zoryin said:

    gg guys, i’ll upload score tomorrow when i got screenshot status.

  7. b_noit said:

    Your profil pictures didnt match with your classes last night ! I need a replay huhu btw Gg

  8. Zoryin said:

    I had update results for the match with screenshots but currently this is the wrong screenshot status, we will update with the good one if anyone in iClan got the screenshot.

  9. crz: T4F said:

    im trying to get the shots too but im not in my flat over the weekend… will be done tomorrow

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