Looking to mentor Open players/teams

Created 17th January 2021 @ 22:37

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Hey, I’m looking for new open teams/people (Mainly fresh meat, but more experienced open players are welcome too) in need of an outside perspective and someone they can bounce thoughts and ideas off about their gameplay.

I’m not really looking to join a team at the moment, more support others with improving their own gameplay.

If you need someone to help analyse your game, I’d be more than willing to go through demos with you.

I won’t lie, I’m not the most experienced 6s player, but I feel I have something to offer people.

Best way to contact me is on Telegram or Discord, my information is on my Steam profile.


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Forgot to mention, I will mentor for both 6s and HL.


Also, if you’re looking for an MGE partner, I’m willing to do that as well.

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