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Created 16th September 2008 @ 01:08

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One of my mates gets trouble with mumble when he connects a tf2 game, the sound is going strange like lagging effects .He can’t hear us during the game. He has the latest version and gets problem on all servers (he tried 1.1.3 and now he is 1.1.6)

. Can someone help us?



– client version 1.1.4 is not making troubles on 1.1.3 / 1.1.4 / 1.1.5 servers… (so far as we tested our mumble servers after that update)
– also be sure, your clanmate really finished the sound wizard, when soundcard has not well set latency, you might get such a issues you described
– lower the bandwith utilization for upstream (decrease quality and so on) if the issue still persists.

Our yesterday mercs experienced strange behave of 1.1.5 client mumble, disconnect, no hear, strange voice, laggy sound. We recommend him to get 1.1.4 and all went ok than without any changes on his side at configs.


Im THAT good!

Make sure he connects to mumble first before he opens tf2 might work.


Okey , we gonna do that. Thanx guys, i ll give you feed back and if its ok we will be able to make this topic on “resolved”



PM weqo on IRC, he actually developed Mumble.


smart OT: this mumble is better than ventrilo? expecially about latency, i mean.


Yes, it’s much better, delay is nonexistant compared to other softwares and the overlay is nifty. The only argument for ventrilo is that it’s easier to use which seems to be enough for a lot of clans…

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