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Created 14th January 2017 @ 06:22

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I am currently using a Steelseries Sensei, and I have been for about 2 years. However there’s always been a problem holding the mouse properly for me, I play with a palm-grip and my ring finger and/or pinkie get cramped up at the right side of the mouse, which is very uncomfortable.

Due to this problem I am in the market for a new mouse, I’ve seen some promising mice while doing research and reading reviews, for example the Steelseries Rival. The problem is that because of the way my binds are set-up and everything I absolutely need to have a mouse with 2 extra buttons on each side(or at least two on the left side and one on the right side), and it also has to be bigger(at least wider/taller) so that I can palm-grip it properly.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations :)

TL;DR: I need to find a mouse that is bigger than the Sensei, but still has 2 extra buttons on each side.

Edit: I’d also like to add that I need to be able to change the DPI to exactly what I want and be able to switch between at least 2 modes with ease. And lastly budget isn’t too much of a factor, however it would be nice to not have to blow a huge amount of money on this.

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zowie za



Theres plenty of threads in TF.TV forums about mice so probably worth looking there.

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zowie za

Thanks for the suggestion, however from the reviews I’ve seen of the ZA- and FK-series by Zowie you are only allowed to have 2 thumb buttons active at a time, not all 4, additionally you are not allowed to alter your DPI, you have to use either of the 4 DPIs that the mouse comes with

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