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Created 24th December 2015 @ 01:47

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So I’m getting a pc that should be able to run a lot of new games very decently, as opposed to my current one. (970 :D)
Just wanted to see what games people have played and enjoyed, just so I can pick wisely on the first things that I spend my money on.
Anything goes, single players, rpgs, fps, etc
edit: yknow cos steam sales

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try tf2, heard some good stuff about it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

on a serious note though, if youre looking for games that actually need a powertower to look good, id recommend:
witcher 3 (make sure to have played 1+2 aswell)
fallout 4 (imho slightly overhyped, but still a good game)
gta 5

you could try mgs v: the phantom pain
maybe just cause 3, havent played it myself yet, but the first 2 were kinda fun

theres a bunch of good releases planned for 2016 aswell so you might want to consider saving up a couple of bucks, just read into it, plenty of articles to be found @google

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Try hotline miami !

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Fallout 4 really fun game and when the better mods will come out tthis game will rock.
Metal gear solid: phantom pain really fun game havent yet finished it.
witcher 3 : no need to play other maybe 2 but the game is great maybe a must play.
Batman arkham knight: i find him fun and didn´t get any fps issues like it was told the game is good and has fun games in it and side missions.


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witcher 3 (make sure to have played 1+2 aswell)

Witcher 3 is actually easy to get into without playing the Witcher 1 and 2. The game explains everything well enough that you don’t need to have played them to understand what’s going on. it’s tied much more closely to the books though, so you wont truly understand the story until reading them.


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whoops, sorry for this misunderstanding :D

i didnt mean youd need to have played witcher 1+2 to get into 3, but rather that those are good games aswell, although not exactly new

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Rocket League is where it’s at nowadays :)


Nuclear Throne aka roguelike of the year, be careful tho as it’s even more addictive than TF2



Bioshock triple pack is on sale rn


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life is strange :)

borderlands franchise



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life is strange :)


S-O – Antichamber – Broken Sword – Alan Wake – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Deadly Premonition – Mirrors Edge – STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl – Darksiders (closest thing to Zelda on the PC)

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I like dark souls a lot…. make sure to get the first one :D


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