ETF2L Season 27 Prem Highlander Democall

Created 5th September 2022 @ 18:47

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I won’t be making a personal frag video for this season, but I still have the itch to make something. So, send me your demos and I’ll make a seasonal frag/highlights video à la Beater’s videos.

Some slight differences compared to his, though; I will only be accepting Prem clips and I will be accepting scrim clips as well, although clips from officials will be much more likely to be included. Similarly, clips from PoV demos are much more likely to be included than those from STV demos.

Post a link to either a Dropbox or Google Drive with the files; make sure they are public. Please place the ticks, player name, map, and match type (i.g. scrim or official) in the demo name. Alternatively, include a text file with all the same relevant information. For example:

If you did not play Prem this season, but still want to contribute, either send Twitch clips from Kritzkast match casts or song suggestions to me on Discord @Harry#0368.

Thank you!



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