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Created 19th December 2022 @ 18:52

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>I’m not the mapmaker of problitz<

me and fubar (the designers/mapmakers of pl_barnblitz_pro) wanted to put out a polished version of the map and make it the best it can be (whether that means it's worthy of season play or not – it isn't the goal, we just want to 'finish' the project)

now that the throwback cup is over I'd love to read any feedback on problitz (feelings, suggestions etc)

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Honestly was surprised how much I liked this version of barnblitz although idk how it’d play if top teams were playing against each other. There were a few things I think could be better

1. make the new areas/flanks more distinct by adding some mark/wallposter/idk, would be nice for callouts
2. maybe experiment with the slope on 3rd, felt a bit long unless you literally got wiped so nobody could block anyway



3rd point was way too far and too close to 4th. More health packs outside of last would be cool. Makes attacking from flanks easier.



didn’t get to play it much but some things that stood out to me

– 2nd cap being outside the building is really weird. i guess this was moved back to fix some issue but i can’t think what that would be. seems strange to push the high ground and still have to push more to cap 2nd. it’s already a strong hold even without that extra distance.

– sorta related, but the 3rd point is kinda weird too. the actual cart distance is short so it’s easy to roll from 2nd to 3rd, but if red gets an actual hold then it’s extremely hard to push the cart up the massive slope. maybe increase the total track length, but decrease the slope length? or add some kind of delay to the cart after capping second? either way, the slope is just not very fun, at least break it into sections.

– on a similar note, last point seems really easy to push if blu secures the high ground after capping 3rd, but a very strong hold if red manages to set up on high ground. combine that with the same issue on 2nd and i feel like the map is super swingy for either side depending on if red leaves early enough or not. i guess every payload map is like that to an extent, but it doesn’t seem nearly as punishing/rewarding on upward for example. for this last point, i’m not sure exactly how you’d fix that. would need to make the high ground a bit weaker and the passive hold a bit stronger somehow i guess, or make it harder for blu to reach the high ground after capping 3rd. how the map is right now, it’s actually easier for blu to get to that location from 3rd than red, which is a bit weird. idk if this would work at all but maybe it would make more sense if the last point building was mirrored, so the stairs are near the hill on 3rd instead.

was fun tho tbh



Last is way too closed, very hard to attack. The positions where you push from are easy to counter because most of them are tight places.

Maybe more space near rails would be greater (removing part of wall), so attacking team can get important picks easier with sniper and last won’t be that boring.

Really, a lot of positions where defending team can deny everything just by playing around corners, even if you frag their pyro. Other things seems fine, I kinda enjoy everything but last.

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