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hello friends here is a test-only non definitive version of V8 proplant made only to try out a new dynamic feature.

the fence from coalplant_b7 has returned! but with a slight catch, the fence on either side is now dependant on the current owner of the point.
for example; if red team owns the point, they have a fence in their lobby while blu does not.

if this feature passes it will be incorporated more nicely (animation/warning so it doesn’t just randomly appear out of nowhere) into a definitive V8 version of proplant which will release somewhere before season 26 starts. (with or without the fence)

please feel free to leave any and all feedback regarding the map or this version in the comments and also tell me if i fucked up the teleport trigger in the fence somehow


main changes from V7 include:
-Box in lobby shifted to the other side to break up sightline
-Support beam above the box has been raised to allow for more mobility
-Generally improved clipping all around
-Fixed the cubemaps (pink shit on the windows and broken reflections)


series of “enhanced” versions of koth_coalplant_b8

current version: V7

screenshot album on tf2maps
TF2Maps thread:

main changes over coalplant:
-Remodeled under to resemble ashville more
-Nobuild shutter
-Extra catwalk in lobby
-Improved clipping all around the map for better movement/splash
-Brighter environment

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You have not explained your reasoning behind this change so I ask you do that.
This is my feedback:

This has 2 impacts:
1.buffs flank on enemy batts by not allowing sniper to back out 2 metres and be able to contest his batts while being completely safe
2.slows down defence rotates to shutter/batts.

A third but smaller impact: severely nerfs aggressive shutter pushes when you have pushed the enemy out to lobby but you have not yet capped the point.

I think the first impact is good but slight. Second is not. The difference between ashville and coalplant/proplant besides that sniper is insane on coalplant/proplant is that rotates are much faster than on ashville. I think this change won’t even matter towards rotates if teams wait until the point is capped to rotate and I believe many do that anyways because they’re slow.
This does not change that the map is dogshit, sniper dependant and uni-dimensional. Every proplant change compared to coalplant i have seen so far has just made coalplant more like ashville. At this point, why not play ashville and make your own version of it? This same fence could exist on ashville. Recently I played prolander faceit and sigafoo had both coalplant b8 and ashville. Coalplant was removed due to americans (invite HL players malding at how sniper dependant it is compared to ashville.




Sounds like a cool concept.
It would be nice to have it tested, maybe swap it with product in the experimental cup happening soon? @admins


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Nice! Would be cool if it was added to the next experimental cup indeed.


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Good stuff, just need to get rid of the sniper catwalk to make it the best by far.

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