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Dear badwater enthusiasts,

I have been working on pl_prowater, an upgraded version of pl_badwater with minimal changes and various bug fixes.

Current version: pl_prowater_b10

Direct download:

Workshop link with screenshots:

Changes present in this version:

-added one-way gates to allow RED to retreat from A and B more easily
-added a BLU forward spawn in the bunker once B has been capped
-added an exit to the other BLU forward spawn
-added an entrance to C bridge house
-added a sniper fence on last
-added a ladder to link top and bottom RED spawn
-fixed being able to resupply in enemy spawns
-fixed being able to shoot from B to last
-fixed occluders on last
-fixed various clips, textures and props in the map
-fixed wrap assassin on last
-made cart unable to roll backwards once the slope on last has been passed
-unclipped the small roof next to tracks on last

Bug reports and feedback are welcome as to improve the final version.

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Have you considered reworking the B point completely? I hate having a big part of a map being unused



since there isn’t any full changelog, would you mind providing it so people would see all changes compared to pl_badwater?



Quoted from Kaylus

Have you considered reworking the B point completely? I hate having a big part of a map being unused

Albeit possible, completely reworking the B point doesn’t seem to be worthwhile as it would alter the balance of the map (notably A point and RED spawn) and would create a new B hold either too powerful (leading to players complaining about it) or not powerful enough resulting in RED abandoning B in order to hold C the same as before.

Moreover it would require a lot of testing (thus time) before being able to come up with a balanced B and would confuse new competitive players coming from pl_badwater.

Finally, it goes against the idea of pl_prowater which is to be as close as pl_badwater as possible in the manner koth_product is to koth_viaduct.



Notable pl_badwater_pro_v9 issues:

A: it is possible to build inside the BLU forward spawn which is also lowground (easier to spawncamp) and players get stuck in the teleporter entrance

B: RED still don’t hold roof despite the one-way gate and the wooden fence nerfs the passive hold making B hold worse than on pl_badwater

C: the removal of the house gate (present in pl_badwater until B is capped) and the addition of the balcony allow BLU to leave one player to watch double doors while others rush C from highground if RED get wiped on A resulting in RED losing A, B and most of C back to back and 3 minutes rounds

last: same as pl_badwater, RED sniper is still allowed to abuse top spawns and cart usually rolls back up the slope if BLU fails a push

In conclusion pl_prowater has:

-better spawns
-better B hold
-better flow by preventing BLU from rushing C that easily and giving new strategic use to bridge house
-better last which is easier to push by nerfing RED sniper and cart



nice try but im still voting for Biden



On this version you can block C ladder with disp ikr? Then it’s bad, it’s boring to play for both red engie and blue spy.

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