cp_logjam (5CP)

Created 17th June 2014 @ 23:12

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Log Jam is a 5cp map styled more like badlands/process, with an open choke and lots of ramp sliding potential. thread:

Alright, after a billion + 1 problems later… here it is, “new” logjam, cp_logjam_mix1

– RC2a last, lobby, saw, main choke
– Most of RC2a’s detailing throughout the map (I backdated RC2a structure wise to meet B19 overall)
– B19’s cave, logroom, upper lobby exit, 2nd point, middle point

Note: I’m not considering this to be RC anymore. I basically got the map functioning and it still has a fair amount of detail, which is good. But there’s Z fighting here and there, light leaking through displacements, a couple broken textures, etc. I’ll fix that if the layout works out, there’s nothing gamebreaking in there at the moment.


Lots of screenshots here:

Anyhoo, feel free to post any questions, feedback, etc. here as always or feel free to add me on steam. (username is Hyce777).

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You have a really good sense of simple design; it usually takes me ages to learn a map.

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(๑╹ω╹๑ )

The setting of the whole map looks interesting and swell, at least at this point I’d see this map to fit both HL and 6s quite fine.

Also, I noticed that in mid you can get to the red roof, but not the blu one and go further on from there on the red side.
And as well some polishing in mid is needed too.

I don’t know if this is intentional, since you could easily bomb down from here as soldier or demoman, but it’s not possible to go on top of the other fence near the second point, so I believe this should be fixed as well.

Oh and also

Why is it visible to see through


Logjam A12 is here.

Added a house on mid
Made mid a bit bigger from log pile to log pile
Added some stuff into house to make it feel less open
Increased the area at 2nd
Lowered respawn times for defending last

New Screens:


Logjam A13 is here.
(ETF2L guys keep doublemixing it night after night so I keep making new ones. Haha)

Re-thought lobby
Lowered house height on mid
Made house roof somewhat collapsed
Fixed some playerclip glitches
Fixed some odd geometry
Made mid cap a bit faster
Lengthened respawn times for team attacking last






cp_logjam_a14 is here!


Moved houses on mid to make it easier to see the point from choke without being sniper OP
Increased the size of the hole in the roof on house
Increased retaining wall’s door size
Raised the exit of gandalf’s cave on mid
Made it harder to spam gandalf’s cave from the roof of house
Fixed some respawn time stuff
Made it so you can go underneath spire
Added rocks at 2nd for scouts to dance on
Widened 2nd a bit and shifted spire over a bit
Changed the right most exit of lobby (used to be planks)




Do you want everything red and blue or is it just for now?


I really like the look of the map, looks very nice. Can’t wait to try it out.



Quoted from walters

Do you want everything red and blue or is it just for now?

these are dev textures x_X
obviously he will change them when the layout is pretty much set and done…
this makes layout changes a lot easier since he isnt putting a lot of effort into details yet.



this map looks great so far, and it has good potential for the future, i’d like to see this used, I agree with the doublemixers from last night that last needs to be wider to give more area for a rotation and to kite uber etc, non the less, good work and keep us posted



I think last point is too small and there should be more entrances.




Logjam A15


Made last wider
Reduced sniper sightlines on 2nd
Messed with logroom (no more logs in it lol woops)
Added some ramps (Yay ramps)
Sorry Ipz I didn’t raise the exit of logroom on mid, everything would come out at a height advantage to mid and I didn’t really like that




Ok i got few ideas.

Make those blocks around 2nd point into house and put that little hp pack into house. (1st picture windows and 2nd doors)

Create roof over the entrance to second point.

Create second entrance to mid like in gravelpit.

Maybe make doors and stairs to house on middle? (1st picture doors and 2nd is stairs or ramp)

These are only few ideas for map. Maybe i will give some more ideas if i will have them.

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