Trying to get into a team

Created 9th August 2020 @ 19:04

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eBic gamer

Im trying to get into a team for the first time this season ive created a recruitment post thing and have got 2 comments which are of no help any advie:

Spy main
1000 hours
played a bit on TF2C and done quite a lot of valve comp
i can also play solly and sniper

ekta koling

Reach out to people who are looking for players yourself if no-one has added you yet. Play more tf2c, tf2 in-game competetive is pretty much useless.


Join mixes and become friends with people there you’ll find it easy to get into the community and more likely to be picked up if people have seen you play already. Try and trial teams rather than waiting for someone to pick you up if you’re completely fresh. Start at the bottom and enjoy yourself and make new friends in teams.


eBic there is no one waiting for you.
You have to find yourself your own team. Usually they dont come to you and make you an offer.
You have to play more. I agree with the statements above me.
Look for a team that you like and ask them for a membership. Thats the succesfull way.
In my experience thats the only way to find people.

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