ETF2L season 18 polls - an utter disgrace

Created 19th May 2019 @ 22:56

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I don’t really like editing posts, however a particular admin had the audacity to lock this thread post. That my good friend is corruption and you have no right to try and alter people’s freedom of speech. As seen however the community is greater than all, you will not stop the movement.

Let me start off by saying this isn’t something I wanted to create, but after not sleeping a blink last night because of it I believe I need to take action.

It was a chilled Friday evening, me and my good friend James were talking and were in complete shock when we found out Kritzcast were not casting the ONLY game of the day, this game being an open final. To say we were disgusted is mild, we were mortified. Kritzcast is supposedly a representation of the TF2 competitive scene and they fail to cast the only game of the day. Disgusting. This is where me and James stepped in, and not only did we step in, we provided one of the most enthralling, energetic and informative casts ever put to, let alone just TF2. Ladies and gentlemen this was 2 hours and 45 minutes of pure energy and do we get any credit? Absolutely not.

It is with this that leads me on to my next point. Recently the season 18 polls were released and within this section is the ‘best caster of the season’ Now, with all due respect to my fellow casters, it is quite clear to see they are the front runners in what is most definitely a corrupt organization. May I repeat the open grand finals were the ONLY game on Friday the 17th May 2019 and it is quite clear to see that the true colors of the Kritzcast team have been brought out. You may be posing the question, why am I writing this? I am writing this as me and James believe it is an utter disgrace that we are not in the polls for ‘best caster of the season’ This brings me back to the point of corruption, as all casters nominated are representative of the Kritzcast organization. The poll doesn’t say “Best KRITZCAST caster of the season” it simply says “best caster” so again that poses the question, why have myself and James not been nominated for the poll in question? We have received a lot of praise for our recent work, many stating it is the ‘funniest’ and most ‘entertaining’ cast they have ever watched. Let me also further remind you that James’ twitch alias “James_scouse” is a twitch account with no more than 55 followers and whilst we were casting, I believe we hit a high of around 80 viewers. Now we all know in the grand scheme of twitch viewers this isn’t much, but for TF2 viewing? Let me tell you that is damn right impressive. When you compare such numbers to Kritzcast who let me remind you have 11 thousand twitch followers it is clear to see we are being absolutely taken for granted for all our hard work.

It is with this that I have a statement from my fellow caster James.

“This has easily been a bigger robbery than the Fury fight. Although some casters have been solid blokes this season I don’t know why non official kritzkast bloke casters are not part of the award poll considering kritzkast only casted a relative few playoff games. Despite not having the following of some other casting channels, i bring the banter to casting as a whole and the “match of the day” power couple of me and noice will continue to expand into greater opportunities because of this. But at the end of the day, all we want is recognition for our efforts along side others ie: proky pulling in a hefty cast for mid finals.”

James makes excellent points does he not? Is there some sort of rule we are not aware of where non official Kritzcast casters are not able to make the cut? Again let me emphasize, this is not me and James knocking the Kritzcast casters themselves, we simply believe in the world being free. We are living in the 21st century and it is shocking to see how individuals are being singled out because they are supposedly not popular enough, it is an utter disgrace.

It is with this I conclude, I thank you all for reading. All we want is a chance.

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boycott kritzkast


Wow, swag

This isn’t a joke to me
Im furious



agreed, funniest game cast i’ve ever seen.



could not agree more

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I’m here because I also like to write bait.

Reminds me of a few seasons ago when me and proky casted twice as many games as any kritzkast caster but go no nominations either, i guess caster of the season being stupid is in line with all the other nominations being stupid though

Open Finals were nuts go and watch them on James’ stream!



I can not agree more, the state Team Fortress 2 is in now is quite frankly shocking. These two lads have began the revolution of bringing the community together and allowing new players to shine on the big stage. I am writing this with anger as I was robbed of the chance to vote for my favourite streamers and I am not alone on this view. I have spoken to many others in the community and they all agree that independent streamers should have a chance at earning the top spot when it comes to casting. Additionally, I was disgusted at the fact that KritzKast the so say face of competitive Team Fortress 2 did not show the finals. How do we expect new players to be motivated to play their best, to strive for the win and reach the finals when they get little to no recognition for it. In my personal opinion every final of each league should be treated as a premiership final. If you had worked hard for weeks to make it to a final wouldnt you want it to be cast?

In conclusion, I think it is a disgrace that we do not get to see our favourite streamers and casters as part of the vote and here by demand a revote with those included who were wrongfully not allowed.

Absolutely spot on Noice and James mate, correct stuff.



100% correct i cant believe we have to live with this shit

I got casted twice in finals so far (1 in 6s and 1 in HL) and both of my teams got even more excited to play the finals because of the cast. I even rewatched the Low finals a few times with some teammates cause it was fun to see the reactions of the casters and the chat. So it’s sad to see that the lower divs usually don’t get that much attention when it comes to casts (at least for playoffs/finals).

If the KK can’t get people to cast they could maybe get people like James for the lower divs to cast. Might be a good idea to give those players their time to shine (like others said already).

Anyways, thanks for the cast of our game. Was fun to play and to rewatch it. :3



All the votes are for prem games only, noobs.

Fine, ill make you a vote:

Open Grand Final caster of the season:
England James [ ]

UnitedKingdom noice [ ]

vote in the comments people, i will update score!!!

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Quoted from AlesKee

All the votes are for prem games only, noobs.

Fine, ill make you a vote:

Open Grand Final caster of the season:
England James [ ]

UnitedKingdom noice [ ]

vote in the comments people, i will update score!!!


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