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Created 2nd November 2008 @ 22:19

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Which ban lists are used? is it either Wireplay or Jolt?



you banned from one of them then? :P



loawl :D


Thinking about this question i remember the ETAC for TFC…what about something like that for TF2?
For those who don´t know: the ETAC was the European TFC Admins Council
Several leagues were part of it and if you got banned by one of them you were automatically banned for all of the participating leagues (because of ETAC-Plugin = banlist)
I think it couldn´t be bad to have something like that – with ETF2L, ESL, WPTF2L, NTFCL, ED and maybe even some server providers as part of it.
Would be some ‘extra-work’ for the admins, but may help to get rid of cheaters and people who don´t know how to behave correctly when playing official games (and even on publics!)


Seems like a good idea.
Although it might be difficult if it’s about rulebreaking, not every league has the same rules.



I think this could be interesting to get rid of cheaters, but for rule breaking like … jumping over the trains @well before the 5sec mark is reached you can’t really ban a player from all leagues ;)

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