A tournament i organize will take place on the saturday 1st may from 3 to 10pm CET time zone.

This event will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/zombovore
Good opportunity to have a lot of viewers watching you play, yesterday in prime time we were 45 viewers.

If you want to sign in, join my discord and ask me on #general https://discord.gg/GckZAmx
I will add you a special role, to join a private channel.

Prizes :

Gold = 30 keys
Silver = 15 keys
Bronze = 10 keys
Top killstreak = 5 keys
Top winstreak = 5 keys
1 random participant = 5 keys
50$ to spend in unusual in a giveaway, for any viewers or participant in the giveaway.

More infos on discord

Hope a lot of people will watch it ! If it works well, we’ll organize another one later :D