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Highlander Season 18 Premiership Stats (+ other seasons)

Created 15th April 2019 @ 15:42

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ur absolutely golden for making this adje ilysm

Gathered the logs for Div 1 & Prem this season & did the thing.

HL Prem S26
HL Div 1 S26


site is back up again (for now) on some low budget server, I’m experimenting with the possibility of having the logs auto-match once status screenshots have been submitted on the match page during a season rather than after (around midnight it should try and update if my current setup works). For the ones that do not get linked automatically I’ll try and add them on my own time (for prem – d1 – d2 at least, probably on weekends).

winter 2023 hl

div 1
div 2
div 3
div 4
div 5

some notes:
– combined logs do not get added automatically
– only completed matches get added
– map names have to match 100%
– if there are player switches during the game it’s most likely going to be fucked, please let me know if that happens and your log needs to be added

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