Pyro update weapon thoughts

Created 20th October 2017 @ 11:06

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Quoted from Nightmare

“YER is the least-used spy knife” <- nerfs it, now it's completely useless

I think the YER is now really strong, actually. I think L’Et, CnD/IW, YER could be realllllly good.


Right guys dragon’s fury nerf yay or nay

this seems so strong right now

what surprises me is that the flamethrower is really strong right now


Yeah, there’s a couple of properties of the new flames that are fairly exploitable, especially the ability to spray some flames in the ground in front of a player and have them slide towards him and do like 60 damage. idk how much of this valve will fix

The funny thing is I was looking at the whitelist and I’m getting convinced that we could get away with a fully open whitelist for s14, the only item I’m on the fence about is the air strike

edit – after playing a couple hl scrims I really wish dead ringer wasn’t annihilated as it was because spies using invis are making me spycheck when I could be killing people with OP flames

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about mantreads in 6s:
– the 200% boost is not really effective unless you do a wall jump (double jump)
– the 55 dmg on jumps makes it not really viable to run full time
– however it does make you much harder to deny (presuming you do the wall jump) so it can probably be used for buff sacks ?
– but can’t be run full time and can’t be used on closed maps – process, snake and maybe sunshine are good examples of maps it can be used on

tbh this weapon is powerful but not too powerful so it deffo doesn’t deserve to be on the whitelist

I was more thinking of it being used for last sacs. Like a soldier jumping in to force med on reckoner or something


Or for a suicide wave on product


As long as there is no pyro’s flying around in the air, I think we are gucci.


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