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Created 9th May 2015 @ 19:14

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Hi, hope this is the right place for this sort of thing.

Looking to find a new organization to rent a private server for 6s after a not great experience with Multiplay (could never get SOAP DM to properly work for some reason and ticket went unanswered). They were just in general quite awkward to deal with.

Have had a look at a few, e.g. fragnet, simrai, hiperz – but not all are clear about their features such as STV.

Are there any recommendations? Looking for:

– 12 slots plus STV
– Ability to add SOAP DM, ETF2L cfgs, custom maps etc
– Stable ping, central EU e.g. Paris or Milan



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HG offers a private server service, although it might not be in your price range.
But their servers Ar(i)e the best imho



Simrai had great support and features when I paid for them but their actual service was poor at times. They didn’t pay for DDoS protection on their servers and they were frequently laggy, I guess that’s the downside to low prices.

Hiperz were pretty much always perfect when we were with them, but they’re amongst the most expensive.

Hiperz had server migration, you could choose from UK/France/NL/Germany iirc and switch at any time, don’t remember simrai offering that. Hiperz made you pay extra for a decent STV but that was included on simrai. Both had a dashboard for easy setup of soapdm and configs etc, although simrais broke for me once as I was using it while they were doing some maintenance or something and I had to reset everything manually, which was annoying.

If you’re willing to spend £20+ a month, hiperz is great. But for that kind of cash you can buy a whole box from Hetzner ( or Kimsufi (, etc and run a load of servers yourself if you’re not afraid of a little Linux.

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I’ve always used pingperfect who’ve got great customer support and decent prices (around £5 for a 13 player server without any additional bits)

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I’ve had a few serverhosts now, and I can say, hands down, that HiperZ has the best quality servers and the best customer service (Fast responding, actually knows what they are talking about). THe price however, is also very high. Currently paying 34 euros pr. month for a n1ping server, but imo, it’s worth it.

SimRai – Provided very good servers, and is also one of those server hosts with really fast and effective customer service
PurePings – Only had 1 server with these guys recently, but I was left disappointed with the quality of the server. However, their customer service was quite fast to respond to queries. – Good servers with good routing as well. They also got english translation on their site now, so you don’t have to use google translate
ViLayer – Avoid this host. Their servers is alright, but I got the feeling they tend to over-provision their dedicated servers with too many tasks, which causes the quality of server to go down, intermittently. Also their customer service is extremely slow to respond. When you finally get a response, there’s a high chance that the customer service-rep hasn’t actually read what you asked/requested, which causes delays. You will need customer service a lot, as the FTPs/Control panel to the server often breaks down on certain locations.
Fragnet – I was only with these guys briefly, but their servers seemed alright.

If you know how to configure a server yourself, I can also highly recommend Amazons AwS service: – They have free tier services, and should still run an offer where you can try amazon aws services for 12 months. With their free tier instances you get 750 computing hours each month for free on selected instances. The instance you can get, is more than enough to run TF2 + a mumble server. You can just turn on/off the TF2 server when you are not using it. And voila! Free TF2 server for 12 months :)

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fragnet is really great, low pings to most people


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Let it rip

My own experience is that customer service from Vilayer was fast. At least this is the case for me . Price okay but that’s just me . =)



Quoted from Alfie

fragnet is really great, low pings to most people

+1 here, great support, good control etc and pretty cheap :)

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I don’t really know if following will suit your needs but anyway
Why wouldn’t you get yourself donator status on serveme? They provide tons of servers which you can choose from. All of them located in central Europe (EU FR NL etc) and most of them are really good. You get multilocation – like service for decent price as well. In my team we did exact thing and we’re not dissapointed at all. As a bonus – you get free soap dm once you’re donator.


Personally, I’ve started to use Cloud4u service a month ago when I decided to create a startup of “how to bring cryptocurrency in TF2”. And I found some solutions.

Cloud services may be useful to those people, who know how and why they work. Who knows for what they are going to use them. That’s the main fact. The key fact, I would say.
Plus some services have a so-called “disaster recovery”. So you are able to save some (or all) data you may need.



nice 6 year necro

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