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Created 31st October 2014 @ 04:26

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I’m having a variety of issues with my current server host, and I’m looking around at other hosts. I’m wondering if anyone would want to share a KVM/XenHVM system (that basically means a virtual dedicated server). It’d be a lot cheaper for me to get a more powerful virtual server and split it between a few TF2 servers (the things I’ve been seeing have had enough resources easily to run three or four), if the people using those servers were sharing the costs with me. It’d probably end up being a little bit cheaper for you than most gameserver hosting companies would charge, and I’d be able to manage your TF2 server for you if necessary – that means all the technical side of getting the software installed and making sure it doesn’t catch fire and things.

If anyone would like to discuss options, please add me on Steam asap; my current hosting will expire on 2nd November if I don’t renew it.

Also, where is currently a good place to host TF2 servers? Everyone seems to have their own views about countries, but a lot of people seem to agree that Britain is a bit out-of-the-way, so I’m likely to end up with hosting in a different country. And if anyone has any recommendations of virtual server hosting companies, please feel free to share!



Germany or France all the way imo.

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I’ll second France but no way Germany, might just be me I guess but I always get shit ping/hitreg on German server. The Netherlands is usually the most common place for servers.

I won’t be online until Saturday evening but could potentially do one better – I have a dedicated server set up with OpenVZ with quite some space, and could create a dedicated VM for you to host the games on? The dedicated server is in Roubaix (I think? Northern France) and has decent pings to most places.

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