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Created 28th October 2014 @ 21:10

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for the last few days, for some reason, on a select few servers, i cant connect because it gets stuck on ‘connecting to server’ despite being connected to mumble and being able to connect to public servers.

it occurs when using a connect string and joining off of another person in the server with the password. i can also refresh server info before inputting the password and see everyone in the server, showing that i can in fact connect. this has happened on several passworded servers i have tried to join and a public mge server.

please help if you have any ideas or experience with this sort of thing, my last scrim was canceled as a result of this problem (the scrim was delayed to the point of other players not having time to play).


what have you tried so far ?

do the usuall stuff – verify game cache and defrag

tried a computer restart and router restart :’) idk how to do those things, help? :D



Go to your steam game library, right click team fortress 2, click properties and then click on local files. There you will see defrag and verify game cache :)

Ty Bredren, I will do that as soon as I get out of bed and get back to you on if it has helped.


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You’ll just have to quit tf2!

there is not a ‘defrag’ option under local files, but i have verified the game cache and entered defrag into my start menu, i think that defrags it. after verifying game cache, the message ‘all files successfully validated’ was given, idk what this means, but i assume its a good thing. still however, i cant connect to my team’s server and teh console spews out this when i try:

connect; password *****
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 80 CL
Connecting to…
Connection failed after 4 retries.

]idk what to do, but i need to be able to get into it for a scrim tonight, please help :'(


I sometimes have problems like that, i think it’s when my mumble is on. Of course i am using modem and router, i need to test when this error happen. Now i know only one answer, turn off your router when playing.


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yesterday I started having connection issues with tf2 as well, My Internet would be fine for everything, the servers in the Serverbrowser would refresh and show players + score.
If i did manage to connect i had about 60 loss and it was unplayable.

I fixed it by using a different Clientport:

It doesnt really make sense, as I’m the only one using steam/tf2 in this network, but it fixed it and my investigation stopped there.

Turing off my router would prevent me connecting to a server lol

ok thank you, i will do the same, how do i change my client port?

ok i changed my client port and i can now connect to my teams’ server, i cant thank you enough, i’ll send you c trade request of a key or something


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glad i could help

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