The Community LAN - 3rd to 5th july @ Enschede, Holland

Created 18th March 2009 @ 10:31

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I have the feeling people dont read the announcement forum on this website, so ill just post the same stuff here again:

Original post from dunc:

Finally, I’m proud to present official announcement of our event in Holland!

Come and support us in #thecommunity @ QuakeNet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, The Community LAN, 2009.

The concept
After a period of few quality LANs for Team Fortress 2, and an even smaller number of events with a reasonable cash prize, a few key members of the community came together to organise a dedicated TF2 LAN event. Placed in the middle of Western Europe, Holland was the natural location and the internationally known game-café WZZRD Enschede was considered to be the perfect venue.

Our main aims were as follows:
– Give the community a LAN worth attending
– Majority focus on TF2 – preferably TF2 only, though if sponsors were lacking, additional games could be brought in for coverage
– Sizeable prize pot, but with a guaranteed minimum
– Multiple tournaments where the teams outside of Division One could compete for smaller cash prizes or hardware
– Create a project base for future events to be built on

We will be going out of our way to ensure the coverage for this event provides positive brand establishment for the European TF2 community by bringing in well known, big brand sponsors. This may include the lead sponsor having name rights for the event and providing significant media coverage in the form of game streams, commentaries and radio interviews with the players.

The first Community LAN event will take place on Friday 3rd July until Sunday 5th July.

WZZRD, Enschede is the best possible location for our event. The team from this popular Dutch game café has got a lot of experience with hosting Turn Up & Play (TUP) LAN events like ours, such as CDC Crossfire and the Electronic Sports World Cup.

To begin with, The Community LAN is guaranteeing an absolute minimum prize fund of 1500 Euros. However as the project gathers pace, we’re confident that we can at least double that figure.

One of The Community LAN’s main goals is to organise successful tournaments for a big audience of teams. Our main tournament will be the largest, have the biggest and most prizes and get as much media attention and match coverage as possible. The LAN is mainly about this tournament and it will definitely get the most promotion.

Although our focus will be on our main tournament, we also want to provide lower skilled teams with a reason to attend our LAN: a chance to win. We will organise one or two smaller tournaments with reasonable prizes such as hardware (mice, mouse mats, headsets) or smaller cash prizes.

Further information
For further information, please visit our website:


Stop spamming you silly peasant, we all know about it and we’ll come to your lan :D
[email protected] exfane



i just want everybody that is intending to come to post on the interest page of our website.

[email protected] leon


i can bake a few cakes for the lan. There, now the hordes of i-want-free-stuff will come.



for the same horde: I as pimp of Leon offer him for free to use @ lan


Touché Dutchie, to bad i cant cancel the plane tickets, i only want [email protected], not some stranger from the interwebs :(


FB spam reported!



Im passing by the venue each day going to Uni, so i’m at least gonna spectate :)



ohh man. donmetal i’m so sorry for ya :(
nobody should be forced to live in that part of holland..



if i can arrive at the LAN, jonni, would you kill me ?

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