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Highlander Season 25 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 29th August 2021 @ 22:01

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 25 preseason cup.



I hope we’ll never see Mist and Ramjam again.

Cascade is good. Tried and tested with the americans and I think it’s a valid replacement for warmtic.


(Senior Anti-Cheat Admin)
Dr. med.

Not really a fan of Cascade, while Ramjam was actually pretty good. I think I would like it more than Warmtic, but to be completely sure I’d need more playtime on it. Definitely a better map than Lakeside, though. Warmtic/Ramjam > Cascade > Lakeside.

Mist has not been enjoyable to play at all, not when it was tested in 6v6 or now in HL. Especially holding second defensively seemed difficult. My team just gave up and conceded 2nd most of the times because you play against opponents who have the high ground over you with a lot of entrances you need to cover. For future map tests, please consider Propaganda again.



Cascade: It was really good actually, it’s like product lite version. Liked and enjoyed it.
Ramjam: I can’t say if I enjoyed it or not but I think it’s a great map, every class gets their role accordingly, I didn’t really enjoyed it but it’s good imo.
Mist: god why does this pain had to exist

don’t add mist, ramjam and cascade is cool

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